We are those Hardings, a husband and wife of four years, living the life in NYC.

Klane is the creative, perfectionistic, hilarious one. Klane is an art director at DDB New York, a big time advertising agency on Madison Avenue. He’s the guy who thinks up the idea for the commercial you just watched; he is also the guy who designed the website you just used or the print ad you just saw in a magazine. He is always coming up with ideas. He loves all things techy and will likely be able to fix your computer problems if you call him up (and everyone always does). He is a learner of all things, meaning he knows a whole lot about a whole lot of different subjects. He is a connoisseur of good music. He is a night owl. He likes to stand in the shower for 30 minutes; it’s where he gets his best ideas.

Angie is the analytical, nurturing, homemaking one. Angie is a dental hygienist at an orthodontic office on Park Avenue. She knows more about teeth and gums and braces and retainers than most people ever wanted to know, and she loves what she does: help people increase their self-esteem through creating beautiful smiles. Angie is a self-taught photographer and loves taking pictures of anything and everything. She enjoys getting creative in the kitchen, especially baking sweet treats. She is a morning person. She likes to go running in Central Park, it’s where she gets a chance to think.

Those Hardings are adventurers. They love to travel and explore new places. Camping and hiking in the mountains of Utah is a favorite activity. Klane is a snow-skier, Angie is a snowboarder. They both love boating and waterskiing at the lake in the summertime. Here in NYC they like to hang out with friends, watch movies on the couch in the evenings, explore the neighborhoods of New York, and eat out. Sometimes they train for races and go running together. And they make chocolate chip cookies almost every week.
Angie and Klane