Ben and Nora: 22 Months

by angie.

So first I will do a little recap of each kid and then I’ll copy and paste the little notes from my phone that I’ve taken the last two months about little things they’re doing.

This girl is so full of personality. She cracks me up daily. She has been making the most hilarious faces lately. Her favorite animal is a duck. She has a tiny plastic duck she got at Christmas that she likes to carry everywhere. Unfortunately it’s so tiny that it gets lost easily and then she walks around the house going “Where duck?” She loves snuggles and hugs, and she brings Ben his bear and tries to hug him when he’s sad. She is outgoing, bold and usually fearless. Her vocabulary is expanding, and she likes reading books and pointing out all the words and things she knows. She knows pretty much all the letters and sounds, some numbers, all the colors and shapes. SHe is adventurous with food and will try just about anything. Lately she’s been loving roasted asparagus and taking bites of my spinach and eggs. She ate salad when we went to lunch last month. She likes playing with cars and trains but also likes pushing her doll stroller (though her motherly instincts don’t seem to have kicked in with the doll quite yet), wearing hats or headbands, picking out her own clothes and carrying her little purse. She also loves the miniature animals and is starting to play on her own with them, having them walk along the windowsill and chattering to herself or making little noises. The other day she took some little stuffed animals and lined them all up at the window so they were looking out. It was pretty cute. She is very affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses (really long kisses). Some of the funny things she does: When she sits on the couch to watch a show she piles all the pillows on herself so she can barely see over the top. She purposefully squeezes out toots and then looks at you, laughs and says “toot!” (obviously we have been reacting to her by laughing but what else can you do when this adorable little girl does that???) We love our Nora Jane!

Benny is our sensitive, sweet sweet boy. I say sensitive but he is not a wimp. He is just a kind-hearted kid. He loves “cooking” and always wants to get up and see what I’m doing in the kitchen, and even help me cook! He is eager to stir or touch anything I will let him. He is really picky about actually eating the food, though. Anything too colorful and he’s not into it. He mostly eats carbs and cheese. Thankfully he still does like applesauce, bananas, berries, sweet potato fries, and green smoothies so we are able to get some fruits and veggies in him. And he LOVES granola, which he asks for all the time by saying “Grana!” He doesn’t like meat usually but will eat eggs and greek yogurt. He loves trucks, trains and planes but especially trains! We just got him these wooden subway trains that go on his train tracks and he is OBSESSED. He will not let them out of his sight. The 3 train is his favorite, if you ask him to share one with Nora he always gives up the B train. He has so many new words and constantly copies what we say. Some of my favorites are “helicopter” “hot air balloon” “3 train” and “crescent moon”. He goes through phases where he has favorite books he wants to read over and over. His favorite books lately are “Ollie”, the “Ice Cream” Elephant and Piggie book and the book from Grandma Harding about the Berlin Candy Bomber, which he calls “Gaga airplane.” He is so smart, he can count to ten, knows all his shapes, colors and letters, and is so excited to learn and show you what he knows. He recognizes some written words, like “no” “mom” and “dads”. I am constantly astounded by how quickly he is learning and picking things up. He is not as affectionate as Nora but is still loving and likes to sit on our laps, and will sometimes give kisses or hugs when asked. We love this smart, sweet, kind-hearted boy!

And now my random notes from my phone…

Ben calls Nora “Na Ni ”
Nora talks in gibberish as if she’s having a conversation
Nora imitate people sleeping
Ben says oval, taxi, hot dog, mommy, daddy, and gosh, a lot of other words. His language has expanded a lot lately.
Nora probably doesn’t have as many words as Ben but she’s not too far behind.

Ben can sing twinkle little star, and he is actually pretty on tune:
Sings tune of first line
“Howiwa” for How I wonder what you are
“Upaba” “high” for Up above the world so high
“Kie” for Like a diamond in the sky
Sings the tune again
“Howiwa” “ahh” for How I wonder what you are

Nora started liking headbands again, sort of. She’ll ask for me to put them on. Then takes them off, and asks to put them on again.
Nora gives Ben hugs if he’s sad
Nora always says “Hi!”
Turned to Ben in the side by side stroller in the airport and said “hi!” Over and over. Made him laugh. Tried to hold his hand, he wasn’t into it.

They play peekaboo and little games together, hide from each other. Nora had Ben belly laughing at the table just by looking away and then peeking at him out of the corner of her eye.

Ben is obsessed with trains. He says “chuggachuggachugga” under his breath, “choo choo!” And “train!” (Which sounds like “tweeen!”) Watches train videos, plays with trains and cars making his noises.

Ben says “helicopter” – sounds like “hecacaca”. He has the right number of syllables!

Ben loves tickling dad. He also loves being tickled.

Nora loves saying “No!!” very enthusiastically with a huge smile on her face when you ask her something.

Nora also loves saying “Hi!” with a giant smile. The best is if she’s riding on your shoulders and then bends over so her face pops in front of yours suddenly and she goes “HI!!!” so funny.

Nora has started referring to everything as “mommy” and “baby” based on its size. Anything big is “mommy” and anything smaller is “baby”. A mommy bite and a baby bite. Mommy letters and baby letters. Mommy car and baby car. So funny.

Ben calls his blanket “dweeda”. Not sure how blanket became “dweeda” but it’s adorable.

Both of them say “peedee” instead of “polar bear.” I have no idea. It’s so great.

Both of them love playing blast-off with dad before bed (mom is usually too tired at the end of the day)

Ben sometimes sings twinkle little star to himself under his breath while he’s playing. My. Heart.

Nora’s greatest desire every night after bathtime is to run around the house naked.

1/8 Nora now pronounces Ben’s name perfectly. As well as “hawk” and some other words. It seems she has fewer words but pronounces them well.
Nora calls herself Nani now.

They’re now putting two words together, especially Ben
“Hi Dada”
“Street light”
“Hot cocoa”
“Cottage cheese”
“Where duck?”
“Crescent moon”

They are both way into shapes and colors and numbers and letters. They know so much!!

They are good at sitting still and listening when we do a lesson for FHE.

Nora has been wearing pigtails this month! Her first ones were over Christmas break. I think she looks so adorable with them in. She doesn’t love sitting still while I do it so we only do them a couple times a week.

I gave Ben another haircut this week. At first I was like “why did I do that? he looks so old!” but now I love it.

They are obsessed with climbing up and hanging out on the windowsill. I have given up and just let them do it. They rarely fall off anymore and they’re big enough it doesn’t hurt them if they do.

Lately they don’t want to watch Bolt anymore, they have taken a liking to Cars and this video on Amazon Prime called “Lots and Lots of Big Trains” – it is exactly what it sounds like. Videos of real life big trains from all around the world. You just watch the trains go by, over bridges, into tunnels, across fields, with background music playing. They love it. Some of the songs are more upbeat and they will stand up and dance.

Speaking of dancing, they love to dance. If we turn on “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake they will dance through the whole song and then when it’s done they clap their hands and ask for more. It’s pretty dang cute.

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  1. Alexa says:

    “crescent moon” at the museum of natural history will be a hard memory to top when it comes to benny boy :) i love these kids so much.

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