Pre-Christmas morning

by angie.

Santa came to the Harding home in New York a couple days early so the twins could have their own little Christmas morning at home and open their presents under our own little tree. It was really special to have our own holiday, just our family of four. Klane made homemade cinnamon rolls, which were amazing. The kids loved opening presents. They got a car track and doll stroller and were so excited. We had them open some smaller presents first and predictably, they were so distracted by the box of matchbox cars it was hard to get them to open the bigger gifts. So funny.

Unfortunately we all caught a stomach bug at different points during the week before Christmas, and our pre-Christmas morning was Ben’s turn. He threw up while we were all sitting at the table enjoying our cinnamon rolls. Poor kid. He spent much of the day lounging on the couch or in mom or dad’s arms. Thankfully he was all better by the next morning when it was time for our flight – that was when Klane got sick. He had the worst timing for sure. But we made it through the flight and all was well.

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  1. Alexa says:

    ah this is really special. i am so glad you four were able to share this morning together! we did an early christmas morning here just the two of us before we flew down to my family, and there’s just something about soaking in your own little family in your own little home. cinnamon rolls never hurt anyone, either :)

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