Holiday Date night

by angie.

Alexa and Chris gave us the most thoughtful Christmas gift – a night out just the two of us with free babysitting. We got dinner and treats at the Columbus Circle Christmas market, got beignets in the village, saw the tree at Washington Square Park and then saw It’s a Wonderful Life at IFC, which we hadn’t watched since the night we got engaged TEN years ago! It was a really fun, romantic¬†night out with my love.

My face as I approach a nutella-filled churro after clean eating for three weeks:

It was incredible. As were the caramel-covered beignets. I do cheat meals RIGHT.

Side note: Why is it that when you ask someone to take a picture for you they ignore the background completely and instead center your HEADS in the photo. You can’t see the giant archway behind us but you can see our feet standing in the slush. Thanks, random person. I hope you enjoy the properly framed photo I took for you and your girlfriend. Actually you were probably annoyed that I included the arch and cut off your feet. To each their own!

One lonely little comment on ‘Holiday Date night’

  1. Alexa says:

    thank you so much for sharing your babies with us :) i am so, so happy that you two were able to go on a date and enjoy the city in all her december glory!

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