December Fun

by angie.

December recap!

Klane went to Vancouver for 9 days to film a couple m&m’s commercials.

I did a fitness challenge group with Beachbody and lost 7 pounds! I really enjoyed it and am happy with the results – and most importantly I plan to keep going! Here’s our workout situation: I try to workout and the kids try to crawl all over me. It’s great.

A nice day at the playground between our place and Marlene’s place. I think Ben has a crush on his friend Alice. He likes older women.

I had to pick up a prescription on 79th and Broadway so we walked down to Columbus Circle looking for Christmas lights along the way and went into Time Warner Center to see the big stars! We waited and waited for the music and light show but it never came so we went home. The kids loved running around though.

The long awaited visit to Santa! We got fast-passes for the Macy’s Santaland experience and only waited 30 minutes. Not bad. The kids totally surprised me in their reactions to Santa. Ben was totally fine and Nora was screaming hysterically when we tried to put her on his lap. Girl’s got good instincts. So we ended up stepping into the photo and not getting to take our own photo, which is how I ended up paying $20 for the fuzzy photo you see below. Pics or it didn’t happen, is what I always say. Don’t pay $20 for a picture that cost 1 cent to produce, is what Klane always says. But hey look at this priceless gem.

We got our first live Christmas tree! It was very exciting. I have been walking by these tree stands for years and finally we are participating in this great city tradition.

Alexa came to watch the kids when I had to work on a weekday while Klane was gone. She always gets the best pics when she’s here!

Alexa also met us at the AMoNH to see the origami tree and let the kids run around.

Naturally they wanted to ignore all the cool museum stuff and just climb the stairs!

Ben did learn a new word: Wapiti!

Of course, Shake Shack for lunch. These kids can demolish an order of fries between them.

Annual holiday lady date with Alexa. We chopped and walked and had a great time.

Birthday party at the McCune’s for our friend Knox! Note Nora wearing Alice’s shoes.

The boys playing with trains!

The week before Christmas we all got sick. I cleaned up a lot of barf and poop. It was pretty great.

So happy when daddy comes home!

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  1. Alexa says:

    ahh such good memories, some i had already forgotten! our museum date when i got home from my honeymoon! ben learning to say “wapiti”! i will always be so grateful for this extra, intentional, wonderful time we have shared since i have started working a more flexible schedule. these days together are PRICELESS!

    also, mark my word…you will never be sad that you caved and bought that photo :)

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