Christmas Card photo shoot

by angie.

I took the kids to Sheep Meadow in Central Park to get some photos of them for our Christmas card. Naturally, I couldn’t get ONE single photo of both of them looking, smiling, and standing next to each other. So we ended up going with more of a candid pose for the card, and it turned out cute. This is the stage they are in! Constantly moving, exploring, noticing things and discovering. Nora was twirling in circles for much of the shoot. Ben kept noticing helicopters flying overhead. I love how their personalities and interaction with each other shows through in a lot of these photos. So, here are the outtakes from Christmas card photos 2016.

One lonely little comment on ‘Christmas Card photo shoot’

  1. Cherene says:

    Oh Angie, these are beautiful! You could have printed 25 Christmas cards!

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