Christmas Break in Utah

by angie.

I am just going to warn you, I did not get great pictures this trip. I remember before I had kids, looking at beautiful pictures moms would take of their kids and thinking I would be the same way. I don’t know what has happened to me (maybe twins?) but I just don’t feel like I have time to stop and grab a nice camera and frame a shot. Let’s say I’m living in the moment. Haha. So here is what I got, to remember this Christmas break trip. It was sort of a whirlwind, we were only in Utah for a week. (I literally made a schedule so that we would spend an equal amount of time with both families, because our time was so limited and packed. Ask me if I’m tired of living far away from family for this very reason.) So here is our trip!

On Christmas Eve we got up at 4:00 in the morning to go to the airport!

We arrived in Utah and went straight to Lynsie and Nathan’s house for party time! Annie brought the soda bar. There was lots of other yummy food.

Later it was time for gift exchanges! We did an adult one and a kid one. So cute to see how excited the kids got. My favorite part was Gabe opening his nerf bow and arrow set. “I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” It kind of made me wish I could give him presents every day.

The gang’s all here! (Except mom and dad in Latvia, who we Facetimed.)

Annie gave us all sister necklaces which I loved.

And then it was on to the Graf house where we spent the night and woke up Christmas morning!

Curse iphone’s live photo feature because it made it so some of the photos other people took of us turn into two second videos. Greeeeeat.

Maybe the highlight of Christmas Day was when Nora went missing and was discovered hiding behind the Christmas tree eating a box of cookies she found. This is definitely my child.

The day after Christmas I went to a baby shower for Suzi, a cousin on the Harding side. Here we are with the Magleby cousins. So fun to catch up!

That night we went up to City Creek for a shopping spree game, and dinner at Cheesecake Factory with my family. My dad gave each of us $100 and whoever spent the closest to $100 without going over got a secret prize at the end. At dinner everyone showed their purchases and told their stories of how they did. I totally failed and came back with a $46 sports bra, hahaha. Everyone else was AMAZING, I think it was Brandon who won, with a combination of items and penny candy he came in at $99.99 – or maybe he was exactly on. Justin was one cent behind. It was hilarious and really fun, I wish I had a picture to document.

The next morning we got up and loaded up to drive south to Hatch.

We met the Arizona Grafs and Grandma Marilyn and Cherene there and had another Christmas celebration.

The view out the back of the cabin in the morning:

Then we drove over the mountain to Cedar City where we visited with Grandma and Grandpa Graf, and went to lunch at a pizza place with some other cousins who all met us there. Ryan’s family, Shannon and Matt, Grandma and Cherene, Cheyenne and Glenn. It was a multi-family party.

Nora obviously loved the food (once again, this is definitely my child):

And then we drove back up the state! Obviously the whirlwind of travel was beginning to catch up to us.

That night we went to Luminaria at Thanksgiving point – an outdoor light show. It ended up being about 20 degrees outside and later than we expected and the kids were all freezing and hungry, so we left a little hurriedly and took the kids back to my parents house to put them to bed. We were supposed to go up to the cabin but we ran out of time. So in the morning we went up to the cabin to go sledding and play. Unfortunately (fortunately?) sledding ended up happening right during the kids nap, so they didn’t get to go sledding. But Ben did love the train that Grandpa bought for the kids!

Sledding kid free! We had a fun time.

That night we had a sibling dinner out with the Hardings – we had all of us together! It was such a good time! Then we came back to Mike and Sara’s and played games late into the night and ate lots of treats and Tim Tam slams.

The following day was New Year’s Eve. Sara and I chilled at home with the kids while Klane and Mike went shooting. The kids had fun playing together despite their faces in this photo:

Then I got food poisoning and was violently ill for about 3 hours and in bed the rest of the evening, while at about the same time Klane hurt his leg and called me on his way to the hospital while I was in the bathroom puking my guts out, and everything was INSANE, but miraculously Klane’s injuries were not nearly as bad as they could have been, and we were still able to make it on our flight home the next morning even though Klane was on crutches and I had to manage both kids and all our luggage. How’s that for ending the year with a bang??

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  1. Alexa says:

    TIM TAM SLAMS! i need more of those in my life.

    also, your dad just gave you each $100 in the name of a shopping game? can i be a graf? :) your families are so great at spending intentional time together and making big memories. i am making serious notes for our future!

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