Ben and Nora: 20 months

by angie.

I’m mostly just copying and pasting my notes from my iPhone here. Anytime I think of something cute or unique they’re currently doing I write it in there. So here we are…

Nora has her Bears kiss each other

N wakes up saying “happy happy happy”

Ben’s latest thing is spitting his drink all over himself 🙄

Nora pushes the walker around yelling “bee bee bee!” Not sure what it means

They’re both obsessed with pushing the stroller around. The other day we circled the playground for literally 15 minutes straight, just them pushing the stroller.

Ben knows almost the whole alphabet and the letter sounds. He knows how to spell EXIT (thanks, hallway signs)

N folds her arms and closes her eyes when you ask her what we do for the prayer (it lasts one second)

N stacks the cups and says “Ha ha ha” like she knows she’s being tricky

B stacks cups too but not as often and he doesn’t do the fake laugh thing

B keeps finding sidewalk chalk at the playground and I find him with a mouthful. The worst! He also loves biting crayons, it drives me bonkers because i have to supervise coloring so closely and we can only color for like three minutes at a time before he gets out of hand.

N loves the color yellow. It’s her favorite hands down. She always chooses yellow of whatever she sees. Toys at the playground, instruments in music class, just anything. She loves yellow. I would have never expected such a young child to have a strong color preference but there you go.


B says “whoa ho ho!” 😂

B climbs on back of couch and onto windowsill ALL the time

N took off her own diaper then ran around naked squealing 😂

Both say poop and grab diapers when they’ve pooped

Both wave at everything. If we point it out we have to say hello to it, and Nora probably has to kiss it. “There’s a flower! Hi, flower!” “There’s a dog! Hi, dog!”

N still likes taking whatever B has. B screams bloody murder. I think he’s getting tired of this game.

B is great with the roll animal cars and any cars, really.

N takes a car in each hand, revs them and lands on her belly with hands straight out holding the cars. She looks like she’s sliding into a base.

N loves strollers and gravitates to them at the playground.

B loves watching cars roll down tracks

B says “yay!” and it’s adorable

Ben says “ahh ga?” For all gone? When he wants more. Then he signs and says “ma?” For more. In the most polite little voice. It’s to die for.

Nora has taken to grunting or screeching when she wants something. 🙄 She does sign all done, sort of, and water and eat. And she says water or “na” for snack.

When they’re done now they mostly just whine and cry and try to get themselves out of their seat.

Nora does say “up” when she wants you to put her on the windowsill or in a box or out of a box or on a chair or in your arms or out of the tub or on the bed – there is a lot of “up?” lately. Ben says “up” too.

They make this funny noise instead of using a word for “cracker”

Nora still loves giving kisses

Now they spontaneously kiss each other without being asked.


Nora says “pee!” For please, it’s SO CUTE

Nora pointed at a G today and said Guh guh guh

Nora holds a thing in each hand, twists her torso to hold them out to you one at a time so you’ll name them. Also points to things in succession so you’ll name them (“Nora! Ben! Bear! Hospital! Mommy! Socks! Nora!”)

They’ve started copying each other at the table, rubbing bellies or shaking heads, etc and then laughing at each other

Ben will set both things down so he can clap

They help throw out diapers, they are so proud of themselves every time they do this little chore.

Ben finishes the book and then turns the pages backwards until he gets to the front.

Ben says “bapadee bapadee” all the time, it’s cute, just his little babbling, it doesn’t even mean anything













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  1. Alexa says:

    this is just a gander, but i wonder if “bee bee bee!” is nora making a “beep beep” sound?

    they totally mimicked each other at the breakfast table this morning, taking turns shaking their heads, stacking their bears on their milk cups, etc. it was the cutest!

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