October Recap

by angie.

Bashful Ben at Adventure Playground.


This will be their first album cover:


Another Wednesday, another music class.

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We went to drop of library books and Klane was looking like a hot dad while waiting with the kids on the sidewalk.


Another fun day at Adventure Playground.

october16-8 october16-9 october16-10

And later at the playground behind our building. Which, I actually hate that playground. But it was such a nice day out!

october16-11 october16-12

Cute Ben looking all dapper for church. This was the first time I’d ever styled his hair.


I cannot snack without them wanting to share.


I cannot open the fridge without them wanting to explore inside. The like rearranging the bottles in the door.


Adventure Playground as fall just starts to peek around the corner.

october16-17 october16-18

They are getting so tall. It wasn’t long ago they couldn’t even see out the window.


I usually keep the cupboard taped shut. They figured out how to get the tape off. I let them play so I could get ready!


Marlene and I took the kids to Billy Johnson playground on the east side. It was such a cool playground with little pathways and a stone bridge.

october16-21 october16-22 october16-23 october16-24 october16-25

Ben totally has a crush on Alice.

october16-26 october16-27

I never tire of this view over Sheep Meadow. It used to be my commuting route every day.


A fun day at Hecksher Playground.

october16-29 october16-30 october16-31 october16-32 october16-33

Postcards from Baltic Grandma and Grandpa in Minsk Belarus.

october16-34 october16-35 october16-36

Nora showing me the yellow sand toys she found. She loves yellow.


Fun Halloween decorations on the walk back to the subway.

october16-38 october16-39 october16-40

So this actually turned out to be a super traumatic day for mama. Ben walked out of the playground gate while I was changing Nora’s diaper, and I didn’t notice and assumed he was still in the playground since usually the gate is shut unless a watchful mom or nanny is passing through. I was starting my second loop around the playground looking for him when a woman brought him back through the gate. I don’t even know how she knew where to bring him back to (there is another playground right across from this one), he had no identification on him at all and he can’t talk, but she said he had wandered pretty far down the path in Central Park when she found him. I hadn’t seen him for probably ten minutes. It was terrifying in hindsight and left me very shaken. When we left the playground I was so scattered that I accidentally left his bear there, realized several blocks later and then retraced our steps, completely frantic because losing that thing would be disastrous. I was such a mess. We didn’t leave our house for a week after this happened, and actually did not go back to that playground for months afterward – even though it’s our favorite one. It was just horrifying the more and more I thought about it. So many things could have happened to him. And the worst part is that while he was gone, I wasn’t even worried about him because I just assumed he was hiding somewhere inside the playground. It happens all the time that you lose sight of them for a minute or two, then you walk around the playground and get a visual and all is well. This incident made me feel like I should never let them out of my sight and that therefore I can’t take them as many places as I thought I could, because some places it’s impossible to keep them both in sight at all times. Anyway. Thankfully all ended well. I am so grateful a kind stranger brought him back to me.


Playing on the roof since we never leave our building anymore. Sad. Haha.

october16-42 october16-43 october16-44 october16-45

Took the kids to Old Navy to buy winter coats.

october16-46 october16-47

Alexa watched the kids in the park while I went to a quick dermatologist checkup.

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Alexa’s bridal shower at Freeman’s. I so wish I could have stayed for the whole thing. I had to rush off to a Halloween Party for the kids before the shower even really got started. Still glad I was able to be there.



Could not get over the kids in these church outfits.



Cutest cat ears. They thought these were so funny.



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