September Recap

by angie.

I love when they read books on their own, so cute.


On the Friday before Labor Day, Klane got work off early, so he met us in Central Park for a Shake Shack picnic. Nothing better!

sept16-2 sept16-3 sept16-4

My friend Bobbi came to town and we spent an afternoon together brunching, walking the high line, and talking about life. She is someone who makes you feel uplifted, understood, validated, encouraged and inspired from spending time with her. I LOVE friends like that. Bobbi is a gem. I loved our time together.

sept16-5 sept16-6

We went back to Nature Discovery Playground. Long walk but such a fun playground!


Our favorite playground is Adventure playground on 67th and Central Park West. We started going there this month and it is AWESOME!

sept16-8 sept16-9 sept16-10 sept16-11 sept16-12 sept16-13 sept16-14

On one of the last hot days of the year, we trekked downtown to Tribeca and went to John D Rockefeller playground and Teardrop park, and met Marlene, Alice and Knox there. We went to Shake Shack afterward. Such a fun outing that reminded me going downtown doesn’t take as long as I always think it will. Thanks, express trains!

sept16-15 sept16-16

More rooftop pool time. In order to do this I have to fill every container in the house with water and haul it in the stroller. It makes absolutely no sense. But it’s cleaner up there than the back patio. Plus we can spot planes flying out of Laguardia.

sept16-17 sept16-18

Around September 11th we participated in a fun event sponsored by GoRUCK. It was a 5K ruck (walking with weighted packs), lead by retired special forces officers in commemoration of 9/11. We used the kids as our rucks and had a great time. Right after we started our walk some fighter jets did a flyover and it was really cool to hear the special forces guys talk about what the roaring sound of fighter jets means to guys on the ground in combat. (“It means we’re about to win!”)

sept16-19 sept16-20 sept16-21 sept16-22 sept16-23 sept16-24

(It was really hot. the kids did well with it but as you can see… it was really hot. haha)


We started going to music class once a week at the church, taught by a fellow mom in the mom’s group. She does a really great, professional job. The kids love it. The first week they spent the whole class playing in the window. But soon they caught onto the music part.

sept16-26 sept16-27 sept16-28

Lately Nora is our navigator everywhere we go. She uses the map from the Museum of Natural History. We are never lost.


Another truly magical afternoon at Adventure playground.

sept16-30 sept16-31 sept16-32

Nora went down this big slide all by herself for the first time.

sept16-33 sept16-34 sept16-35 sept16-36 sept16-37 sept16-38

Top ten cutest moments of my life: Them running toward each other and then stopping to head nuzzle and giggle. See below:


I gave Benny another haircut and I think he’s adorable.

sept16-40 sept16-41

We went down to spend some time at Sheep Meadow on a Saturday afternoon, met Dad there after he got out of meetings for Stake Conference.

sept16-42 sept16-43 sept16-44 sept16-45 sept16-46 sept16-47

So happy the water was still on at the playground at 123rd and Morningside!


Playing the run and crash into mom’s arms game. So fun!

sept16-49 sept16-50 sept16-51

Took them to feed the ducks in Central Park a couple times this month. They loved it. And it was hilarious, those ducks are aggressive and would steal the bread right out of the kids fingertips.

sept16-52 sept16-53 sept16-54 sept16-55

Climbing at the playground across the street. Not my favorite playground (lots of drops, not in a park, no gates – why do none of the Harlem playgrounds have gates???) but so close and convenient that we end up there quite a bit.


Another day at music class!

sept16-57 sept16-58 sept16-59

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