Ben and Nora: 17 months

by angie.

A few notes and pictures to remember Ben and Nora at 17 months old…


























Ben likes rolling things across the floor. He’s very captivated by observing the effects of gravity and inertia on different objects. I like to think he’s a little budding scientist. Ha.

They both make the cutest “Gobble gobble” sound after we taught them what the turkey says with the “My Farm Friends” book.

Nora always comes back and steals bites of our breakfast after she’s already “done” with hers.

Nora loves small spaces and is always trying to squeeze herself into the space behind the door, behind the stroller, behind the desk. It’s so funny.

They’re both obsessed with climbing on everything.

Ben recognizes a siren sound and does the cutest imitation if you ask him what does the siren say. He also points to silent firetrucks or ambulances and makes the siren sound, he knows those are the cars with the sirens.

Nora takes bites out of her food, like a piece of fruit or a whole sandwich, but Ben still tries to shove the whole thing in his mouth, so I have to cut it into smaller prices so he won’t choke. It’s like he doesn’t know how to bite! Or just refuses to do it!

Nora likes to play this “where are you?” game with her toys. She puts the lion toy on the floor and then tilts her head to the side and makes this little sound that is the same as my voice inflection when I say “Lion, where are you?” and then she “finds” it, picks it up and gets so excited and I say “There he is!!” She will do it over and over.

Ben is obsessed with the alphabet – he especially loves T, J, and O. He wakes up and first thing, he points to the door where the alphabet magnets are and says “ABC” (Which sounds more like “Aye, eee, eee”). He also notices letters when we are out and about, on signs and ads and things, and he will point to them and say “ABC”. I am thrilled about all of this.

They love running in the apartment building hallway, they shriek and giggle as soon as they get out of the door. We go for walks to the elevator, up to the 7th floor terrace. It’s a little chaotic because they don’t always choose to follow, so sometimes I have to catch them and carry them and they’re not happy about that. But it’s a nice way to get out of the apartment without having to load up the whole stroller with supplies and force them into the harnesses while they twist and scream. They have been really sick of being in the tiny apartment lately.

Ben has learned to push the ‘push and go’ animals! He also likes to play with his car! It’s so cute to watch him drive these little car toys around.

Ben is the master plane spotter. He loves planes so much. He spots planes that are so far away I have to squint to see them, and he gets so excited, and then we say “Hi, plane!” and he waves, and when he waves his palm is facing himself. His face is usually serious and focused when he is waving, like it’s his job. He cracks me up.

Nora loves lions and makes a whispery roar sound when you ask her what they say. Any lion toy we have, she loves it and chooses it and carries it around.

Nora has certain toys that are her favorites and she must hold them in a specific way. She picks them up then turns them in her hands until they are how she likes them, which is always the same, with the heads toward her and her hand on the back so the animal is upright, and then carries them around and shows you them. Her current faves are: lion and rabbit magnets, as a pair. Duck and rabbit figurines, as a pair. Two halves of the dollar store lion figurines, or two of the lions. She also loves the lion figurines and knows the “mama” lion and the “dada” lion.

Nora says “ba ba” for a sheep noise and “ma” for a goat. Proud parent!

Ben will be the only kid at the playground who stops everything to notice the sound of a siren (and copy it) or a plane or helicopter going by. The planes and helicopters make him sooo excited and happy.

They are between one and two naps. Most days they take two and go to bed between 8-9, but some days they’ve gone to bed so late that they sleep in and then we just do one nap. Which is a stretch for them. Neither schedule works perfectly for them right now, but we’re still more on the two nap side of things because I don’t like change, and because the two naps are still long, even though they’re creeping later and later because the wake times are increasing. But if we do one nap and I take them out in the morning, it is a struggle to keep them awake and happy until we can get home for a nap around 12-1:00. So, two naps for now.

They think “time out” is a fun game instead of a punishment – they do something naughty like try to tip over the floor lamp, then run to the corner to sit in time out. Sometimes we don’t even have to say anything, they’ll just shake the lamp then run to the corner. Then back to the lamp and back to the corner.

They both love pointing to things in books. The best and most hilarious one is in the “Alphabet Book of Scripture Heroes” on the Brother of Jared page, I ask Nora “Where’s the finger of the Lord?” and she points right to it. Cracks me up every time.

Nora is the WORST about stealing from Ben. It doesn’t matter what he has or what she has, even if she’s holding the exact same thing as him she takes his. It’s the action of taking it that she likes. He is pretty good about it a lot of the time. He just moves on. But sometimes he screams the most earsplitting scream. She also likes to hold something out, until he tries to take it, then she whips it back and keeps it and that makes him sad. She has an iron grip.

I wish I could trust them not to walk off the edge of the playground equipment. It seems like I can’t yet. Nora especially. So going to the playground is always a stressful experience, keeping me 100% occupied and on my toes, trying to make sure no one injures themselves.

We give them choices between bedtime books and they consistently rotate through, not choosing the same books twice in a row. I love it! They also almost always choose the same book as each other, which is nice.

Nora loves “bedtime for chickies” and actually I think Ben does too. She will come running if I say I’m going to read it. It’s a cute book we got from the library. We’ve checked it out twice in a row.

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