Ben and Nora: 16 months

by angie.

I meant to do a 15 month update on the twins, but life has been pretty crazy with all our travels this summer, so a 16 month update will have to do! The kids really are still growing and learning new things so quickly, there is a big difference between each new month.

So, a little snapshot of Ben and Nora at 16 months…

They are not only walking, but running everywhere. Ben started walking in the middle of May and Nora started walking the middle of June. They love being outside in big open spaces where they can explore and run. They definitely get tired of being in our little apartment. But they do have routes they sometimes take in our apartment, running around and around. They also love running in the hallway, but we don’t do this too often. Don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

They love playing in cardboard boxes lately. Ben especially loves it, he crawls into the back corner of the box and just giggles and shrieks with glee. He also thinks it’s hilarious when Nora comes in after him.

They are getting really cute with each other. They will give each other hugs if I ask them to, and they will come up to each other unprompted and nuzzle each other or pat each other’s heads, making the other one laugh. They also have started to go hide in this little corner of our bedroom, around on the other side of the bed, take things out of dad’s drawer, and giggle together. They seem to think they’re getting into some kind of secret mischief.

A favorite game lately is one of us says “I’m going to get you!” and chases after them. They run away and scream and laugh so hard. Then sometimes they will chase after each other too.

They still like watching Baby Einstein the best, but their attention span is increasing for other types of movies too. As soon as I ask them if they want to watch something, Nora will climb up on the couch and wait expectantly for me to turn it on. I’ve been showing them Bolt and they’ll sit through 10-15 minutes of it. Ben usually gets off the couch earlier than Nora. He will stand in front of the TV or walk around and come back. He just wants to be on the move!

They just learned to play “peekaboo” by covering and uncovering their own eyes.

They get so excited when we arrive at the playground or park. Ben kicks his legs over and over and Nora waves her hands and does her excited noise.

Some books have a page where everything comes crashing down, and I tap my fingers on the page and say “crash!” and then the kids try to copy me by wiggling their fingers on the page. It’s really cute.

Lately I turn on music and they will dance, bobbing their heads, stomping their feet or spinning in circles. Toddlers dancing. The best.

They’ve gotten more picky with foods. They always love macaroni and cheese (i make a homemade cheese sauce), pancakes, and applesauce pouches. They like club crackers a lot. Also dried banana chips are a new favorite snack, and goldfish crackers. Sweet potato fries are always a hit.

Says “ABC” “hi” “hot” “dada” and does animal noises: dog, rabbit, peacock.
He will point to your nose, eyes, mouth, knows his belly button, hands, feet, toes, fingers.
Signs “more” “all done” “milk”, and waves hello and goodbye.
He has a cheesy smile that is reserved only for facetime conversations. It’s so funny.
He’s not as snuggly as Nora but he has his moments. He was so sweet while we were in Europe, he would get so happy to see me on Facetime and would nuzzle the phone trying to nuzzle my head. It was so adorable.
He loves climbing onto the windowsill from the couch. If you tell him to stop he gets this mischievous grin and giggles, then keeps climbing. Okay, sometimes he will stop. Most of the time he keeps on going.
He is fascinated by anything mechanical, he loves inspecting stroller tires or door handles or bike wheels or elevator buttons, just anything technical or mechanical.
He’s my little scientist. He likes to experiment with things, like rolling/pushing things to see how far they go, or dropping things on the wood floor repeatedly to hear how they sound. (It’s not so great when he does this with my phone…) He also loves pressing the buttons on my phone, on the elevator, on the playstation controller, turning door handles or locks, just anything mechanical he loves.
Has figured out how to open doors.
Has 11 teeth. All his upper incisors, three of his lower incisors (waiting on lower left) and upper and lower first molars.
He loves animals but is a little more cautious about them. He’s happy and excited to meet dogs in real life but a little wary of actually petting them.
He’s a little shy, if strangers try to talk to him or smile at him, he often ends up crying. It’s so sweet and so cute.
Haaaaaates having his diaper changed. Always tries to roll away.
Afraid of loud noises.
Learning to use forks and spoons to put food in his mouth, but prefers to use his hands. Still doesn’t like when we put food in his mouth, he wants to do it. Sometimes he’s picky and I have to force him to taste a piece of food, and then once he tastes it, he will eat it.

Says “pop” “dada” “na” for snack, “ta” for star, “buh” for Ben, and does animal noises: dog, rabbit, peacock, lion, and has said “ba” for sheep a few times.
Can point to her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, head, hair, feet, toes, arms, legs, hands, fingers, tummy, belly button. The best is her eyes, instead of pointing to them she blinks very pointedly, or her mouth, she opens and closes it over and over instead of pointing. So cute.
Signs “more” “all done” “water” “bath” “eat” “milk”.
She gives the best hugs, she lays her head on your shoulder and wraps her little arms around you. Sometimes she climbs further up with her feet on your legs so she can hug just a little tighter.
Her favorite animal seems to be lions. Any lion toy or picture we have, she loves it, points to it, carries it around, shows it to me, etc. She also loves dogs too.
Has 7 teeth. Two lower centrals, three upper incisors, and two upper molars that just poked through.
When she’s really excited she makes this noise by inhaling. I can’t even explain it, it’s like a loud long gasp.
After she’s done with breakfast, she often comes to take bites of my breakfast. It just tastes better off mom’s plate.
She is totally turning into a mini me as far as personality goes. She definitely has some spunk and is very strong willed. I am so in for it. I need to learn tons of patience or she and I will butt heads as the years go on (and not in a good way, haha).
Jabbers a lot, her latest thing is bringing me a book to read or a toy that makes sound and jabbers at me in complete gibberish as if she knows exactly what she’s saying, which is, “Mother, will you please read this book to me?” or “Push the button to play the song so I can dance!” haha.
She has an iron grip and uses it to take toys away from Ben all the time. He usually just lets her take it and then either moves on or screams. We need to teach her not to be such a thief.
Leaning to use forks and spoons, and loves to use a fork. If she’s refusing to eat, one way to get her to take a bite is to put it on a fork. She thinks eating off forks is so fun.
Likes dipping foods in sauces. So cute.






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  1. Alexa says:

    gosh, they just keep getting cuter. it’s so fun to see them learning more intricate concepts — i noticed last week that they are both into repetition (running towards me, running away, running back, laughing the whole time).

    also…”lower centrals, three upper incisors, and two upper molars” = mama works in teeth. hahaha.

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