Father/Son and Mother/Daughter time

by angie.

Klane took Ben on their first father/son camping trip, and while they were away Nora and I had a little girls night in. I painted her toenails and we watched a cute Tinkerbell movie (well, part of it). I think she really liked having 100% of my attention. And I really liked being able to give her 100% of my attention and not feeling constantly stressed about juggling two kids with the same needs. It was really great.



I was apprehensive about letting Klane take Ben on the camping trip. Not because I have any doubts about Klane’s ability to take care of Ben. I am totally confident in Klane. I just wasn’t sure how Ben would do with everything. He’s still nursing twice a day, morning and night, and he’s never done the bedtime routine without me nursing him, or woken up without me there to nurse him. I was just worried Ben was too young and Klane would end up with a fussy, inconsolable baby.

Of course, my fears were totally unfounded! Everything went really really great, and Klane and Ben both had so much fun. Ben was so excited to explore the great outdoors and to crawl around in the tent and explore all the new things he’d never seen before. He went to bed late but without crying and he woke up happy. They had a great time and enjoyed the one on one time. Ben came home smelling like toasted marshmallows, which is always a great sign! :) This is just the first of many father/son camping trips to come.













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  1. marilyn heap says:

    Such a great ecperience. Ben is so blessed to have such a great Dad. Love the happy faces and great smiles…..LOVE THIUS POST!!!!

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