Rooftop pools and splash pads

by angie.

After a chilly, long spring, we were all super ready for the heat wave that hit New York the last week of May. It got up to 90 degrees and Marlene graciously hosted a couple of rooftop pool days in a row. She’s such a great friend and a great hostess who is always willing to have people over. It was the perfect way to while away the hot days. Being up there on the roof with friends is a much more relaxing experience than going to a crowded playground or splash pad. I tend to feel intimidated and anxious about going out in the city with my kids, especially doing something new. So these pool days with friends were just the introduction I needed to summertime water fun in the city with two toddlers. It was great to be able to figure out the logistics of doing a water outing with the kids, in such a safe and non intimidating environment. And, it was just really relaxing to be on the roof with our people, listening to music and eating snacks and watching the kids splash. I’m looking forward to many more days like these this summer!














I am obsessed with them in their little hats. Because they’re adorable, but I also want them to be protected from the sun! But of course, they take them off within seconds (minutes if I’m lucky). I will keep trying and hopefully they’ll get used to them.


Klane had an early day off work at the end of the week, so we met up with him to check out the splash pad at the museum of natural history. I’ve been excited to visit this splash pad with my kids for a couple years now. When we got there we discovered that the pool portion for little babies to splash is closed for the summer while the museum windows are being replaced. I was disappointed but was pleasantly surprised when Ben and Nora loved the rest of the splash pad and crawled and walked around it with the big kids. We’ll be back!








We got a pool of our own and set it up on the back patio of our building. We will have to get some sort of shade situation figured out, but the kids seemed to like it!



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  1. Sharla Graf says:

    Oh my goodness this makes me want to go run through the sprinklers! Thats what we used to do as kids!
    Love these little water babies!

  2. marilyn heap says:

    These pictures are truly priceless!!!!! I love looking at these little people and I am aamazed at how they have grown! Theya are so smart and cute I can hardly stand not being able to give them big hugs….love the expressions on their little faces…..keep posting….

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