Ben and Nora: 7 months

by angie.

The days seem to be speeding up more than ever lately, I’m losing track of all the little details I want to remember about the twins at this age. This age is SO FUN. Every night after we put them in bed we both just keep saying “I love our kids!” at random times throughout the rest of the evening. They’ve got more personality and are more interactive than ever, and they’re more independent than ever. We can set them on the floor and they sit up and play on their own. Yet they’re not mobile so we haven’t had to baby-proof the house and they’re not making big messes. They are giggling and smiling more than ever, which is so fun. I love watching them discover and learn new things.




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This month they started eating solid foods, and now they have eaten a ton of different foods. They seem to like pretty much everything they’ve tried. It is so fun watching them eat! They’re so cute as they taste and swallow. Ben starts out skeptical and almost always makes a “this tastes weird” face on the first bite of a new food, then gets super happy and talks and smiles with a big open mouth while he’s tasting the food. Nora is really focused on getting as many bites as possible, she opens wide and lunges for the spoon as it comes toward her face (or as it comes toward Ben’s face, haha). She seems to LOVE eating. On the flip side, she has seemed less interested in nursing the last week or so, she stops after just four minutes and then gets distracted and pulls away over and over and over. Ben, meanwhile, is still nursing for at least 8 minutes every time. They still nurse five times a day.





Sleep habits stayed pretty much the same this month (three naps: two long, one short, and 11.5-12 hours at night). Their naps have been broken up a lot of the time, they wake up after 30-45 minutes and talk and play in the crib for 15-45 minutes before falling back asleep. It bothers me that they won’t always sleep the full nap, but oh well. I thought maybe they were ready to drop the third nap and go to a 2/3/4 schedule, but we tried it one day in Utah and four hours was wayyyy too long for them to be awake.

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We finally got a video monitor this month, which I have loved. It takes so much of my stress and guesswork away. And being able to see them helps me feel better about leaving them in there to fall back asleep when they wake up early. The other benefit to the camera is that it enabled us to finally start to transition the babies out of the sleep suits. They are inevitably going to grow out of them in the next month or so, and we’ve had them sleeping with one or both arms out for a little while now, but I was too nervous to take them all the way out because what if they rolled over on each other? But now that we have the camera on them I feel totally comfortable with them being more mobile to sleep, because if they start crying I don’t have to wonder if it’s because one is on top of the other. We started sleeping them in sleep sacks this week and so far it’s going well, although Nora has a tendency to wiggle over and start pestering Ben mid-nap.


playing in a fort mom made for them. haha



i have a goal to be in more pictures with my kids.


laundry day (and as a side note, i have learned so much about laundry in the last six months. babies challenge you in that area.)








Nora caught up to Ben on sitting up unassisted this month. Neither of them is scooting around on their tummy yet, I have been terrible about doing tummy time the last couple months so they both hate being on their tummy. Oops. I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually. We have friends whose kids are doing that already but I have to remind myself that my kids are gestationally a month younger than their age, and also that every baby is different and it’s okay.














Nora is super smiley and gets so excited to be around people who are paying attention and talking to her. She wiggles her whole body and straightens her arms and waves them behind her with the biggest smile on her face. She has become ticklish on her tummy and has THE cutest girliest giggles when we tickle her. She also thinks it’s hilarious when we hang her upside down. She is still super tactile and loves feeling things with her fingers. Dad likes to take her around the house “exploring”, they walk around and she gets to touch and feel different things: coats in the closet, books on the shelf, curtains, towels on the rack, etc. She totally loves it. It’s so cute. Nora has gotten way better at jumping in the jumper and she loves it as much as Ben now. She got way stronger and is great at sitting up, within a week she went from needing assistance and crash pads to being totally proficient. She still sucks her middle fingers, and actually has started to get little sores on them from sucking them so much. Yikes! The pediatrician said not to worry about it. She is wearing 6-9 month clothes.










Ben is so snuggly, I love it. He’s still more sensitive than Nora but it’s so cute, even when he’s crying into my shoulder because he tipped over and got scared. Usually a few snuggles fixes anything. Speaking of snuggles, he has this teddy bear that he goes to bed with that he has really become attached to this month. It is the cutest thing, when he’s ready for bed, you lay him down and as soon as you give him his bear he grabs it to his cheek and his thumb automatically goes straight to his mouth, he closes his eyes and buries his face in the bear and he’s in sleep mode. It’s adorable. (And really helpful for mom.) Ben has gotten way more dexterous this month and has started picking up objects and then hitting them with his other hand to see if they rattle. It’s so cute. He is wearing 9-12 month clothes (in Carters sizing, anyway. I’m starting to think they run small).

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  1. marilyn heap says:

    I cannot belive how fast they are growing. They are such beautiful children. I am so happy that you and Klane are enjoying every precious moment with these sweet, beautiful babies. All of these pictures are so cute. You have captured so many expressions. Just tooo cute for words…..Thanks so much for taking time to share.

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