I love having twins!

by angie.


I don’t know if I’ve really written about how much I LOVE having twins. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day and I forget to sit back and reflect on the things I am grateful for in my life. I was just re-reading a post I wrote while I was pregnant about all my anxieties about having twins and how I knew it was going to be one of the hardest things ever, and I had to laugh at my past self because I was so totally wrong in my assumptions. I feel like I need to sit down and write about how great it actually is having twins!

My pregnancy was awesome – yes there were discomforts and some minor complications, but overall it was amazing. I loved experiencing the miracle of growing two at once. Also, perk of twin pregnancy, I gave birth at 36 weeks 3 days! So I basically got to skip almost a month of the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy. WIN. We were very blessed with an uncomplicated labor and birth, and healthy babies that needed no NICU time. I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed them – there is so much fear out there about breastfeeding, I thought that it might be impossible. But it has turned out to be totally great, and honestly I think a lot of the things that are hard about breastfeeding are made easier with twins. Because there’s more demand, the supply goes up. You don’t deal with engorgement or clogged ducts as much because both sides are constantly being drained. It almost feels like women were designed to feed two babies at once. :) And then the early months with newborns were way better than I thought they would be. We tandem nursed and they weren’t colicky (thank goodness!) and it really didn’t feel like having two babies was much more time consuming than one.

I seriously love having twins and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are so many great things about having two babies at once. I have thought several times that I would be open to going for two again the next time we do IVF! (Still not 100% sure on that decision, but I am definitely open to it. At some point I would like to have the experience of a singleton pregnancy, birth and raising one child at a time, but if I had twins again I would be totally happy!) Klane and I have had many conversations about all the benefits of two babies and how glad we are that Ben and Nora were born together.

So far I have not felt like it’s been twice the amount of work. Maybe that’s because I don’t know anything different, but really there are a lot of ways that the work condenses when you’re doing two at once. So far it really hasn’t been hard at all. Tandem nursing in the early months and keeping the babies on pretty much the same schedule has made it totally doable! Of course there are ways it’s more challenging than having one baby, and there have been plenty of times that I have thought, Having one baby sounds SO SIMPLE! Just the logistics of how to juggle them and where to set them when you’re picking them up to nurse them or change them or whatever, are kind of tricky. Also, I am probably more hesitant to get out and about with them because I always have to bring the double stroller and the risk of something going wrong and me ending up with one or TWO crying babies in a public place is twice as great. Having one baby does sound really simple to me, which would suggest that there are definitely ways it’s more complicated to have two. But I think those things are 100% worth it and all the benefits completely outweigh the hard things!

I love that they will always have a friend. Seeing them interact and play together just fills my heart with joy. They are getting more and more interactive and I love it so much. Yesterday I set them up so they were sitting facing each other, and Nora was grabbing Ben’s bib and then he leaned forward, put his hands on either side of her head and started sucking on her forehead. It was hilarious and so stinking cute. I am so excited that as they get older they’ll continue to interact and become such good little buddies. I’m sure they’ll still go through a phase where they’ll need to learn to share, but I imagine it will be a little easier for them to learn since sharing is what they have always known.






One of my very favorite things about having twins is that raising them side by side makes their uniqueness so much more apparent and I appreciate each of them and their individual personalities so much. I might not pay that much attention to some of the cute little things they do if I just had one, because I would just think “oh, that’s just what babies do.” But because they’re side by side I can appreciate the little unique things they do or their personality traits that are so different. I appreciate how chubby Ben is because I compare him to Nora, and I appreciate her cute slender little body because I compare her to Ben. I love each of their smiles so much and I recognize that when Ben smiles it shows his bottom gums and when Nora smiles it shows her top gums – both so adorable and maybe even more so because they’re each unique. I am proud of Ben for being such an early sitter since I can see Nora hasn’t caught up with him yet, and I am proud of Nora for having such great fine motor skills at such a young age when she’s stealing toys out of Ben’s hands with ease (haha). I can appreciate how even-tempered Nora is because I see Ben get agitated over things that she thinks are no big deal. I can appreciate Ben’s tender heart because I see when he gets emotional over something that doesn’t hurt Nora’s feelings the same way. If I just had one or the other I would just think that my baby was just being a baby like any other baby. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But it is one of the things I love most about raising these siblings simultaneously!



The people who say two babies equals twice the love are so right! It just blows my mind how much love I can hold in my heart at one time. There is nothing better than going into their room after a nap and seeing both of those little smiling faces looking up at me! There is nothing better than having twice the snuggle time! And it really helps that when one of them is crying, usually the other one is completely fine, reminding me that everything is okay. I also love that having two allows Klane to be extra involved and hands on with the babies. I can see how with just one, mom would do the majority of the baby care, but it’s kind of fun that Klane gets to do a little more than he might otherwise have done. He is the best dad!

Also it must be said, there is something SO FUN about dressing them in coordinating outfits. That just needs to be acknowledged right now. It doesn’t happen nearly often enough, but when it does, it is awesome.


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  1. Megan Hutchings says:

    This post makes me want to have twins! I love reading all of your updates on the babies. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Alexa says:

    it blows my mind to think that they easily could have been regular siblings, and not twins. i am so happy they were born together! watching them side by side brings such joy.

  3. Sharla Graf says:

    I love twins too! You are the perfect twin momma and we love watching you with these little blessings from Heaven. Thanks for your updates!

  4. marilyn heap says:

    Double Blessings for sure. Such little miracle babies. So very worth waiting for. Watching them grow and develop each day has to bring you so much joy. I loved seeing them in person and feeling there special, sweet spirits.

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