Bryant Park dates with Alexa

by angie.

We have gone down to Bryant Park to visit Alexa on her break from work a few times. It’s always a fun outing, great for mama to catch up with a dear friend and get some adult conversation, and the babies love their auntie Alexa!

The kids get a lot of attention from passersby in the park. Sometimes it’s hard for us to have a conversation for people interrupting us. One time a guy actually interviewed us for a tv show about travel, haha. Which had nothing to do with the babies. But this time a lady stopped to talk to us for like ten minutes because she was so in love with the babies. She said she needed a pick me up and that spending time with the babies brightened her day. It was a little funny, but sweet. Oh, New Yorkers.

Besides just spending some quality time with one of our favorite people, another great perk of visiting Alexa is that she always takes pictures! Yay for pictures, and for me in pictures with my babies (which rarely happens).


I don’t love Times Square, but i still felt the need to take a photo with the babies as we passed by.

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One lonely little comment on ‘Bryant Park dates with Alexa’

  1. Alexa says:

    these lunch dates totally make my day. thank you for making the time and effort to bring your sunshines all the way to midtown!

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