Ben and Nora: 1.5 months

by angie.

We are loving getting to know these little people. They each have their own unique features and personalities. It is so fun to see how different they are! Now more than ever I hardly think of them as “twins” and think of them more as siblings born at the same time. It’s interesting, I always thought that when you give birth a child, you instantly fall more deeply in love with that child than you’ve ever loved anything in your life. But I have found that developing a relationship with these kids has been much like developing a relationship with any person. When I first met them, I liked them, I thought they were really cute, but I felt like I didn’t really know them yet. The longer I spend with them and the more I get to know their little personalities, the more I fall in love with them and the more obsessed with them I become. I am now head over heels in love with these kids! Even more than I loved them the day they were born.




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Ben is more expressive and sensitive than Nora so far. He makes the best, funniest faces. He gets upset a little more easily, but he is also easily comforted. If I set him down and go into the other room for a minute, he usually gets upset that I’m gone. And when I come back he’s all good again. He’s a social boy! Discomforts like gas or having his eyes or nose cleaned make him cry. He also sometimes has a little bit of a hard time going down for sleep. I set him down drowsy and he seems to be drifting off to sleep, then I leave the room and he starts crying. Often I’ll let him try to settle himself down, and after a minute or two he does. But sometimes, usually in the evening hours, he cries for five minutes straight (I’m working on allowing crying in five minute increments to give him the chance to learn to fall asleep on his own), then I’ll go in and rock him for a minute or two and he’ll go right down after that. Ben also is giving us cute smiles now. Ben will smile when we talk to him or play with him by wiggling his arms or feet and making funny noises. He also will suddenly smile really big out of nowhere, making me wonder what I did to amuse him (and no they’re not gas smiles, I can tell the difference!). He’s an emotionally expressive kid, when he’s happy or when he’s sad he will let you know. He also seems to love nursing, either that or he just isn’t as efficient as Nora because he consistently nurses 20-25 minutes, which is 10 minutes longer than she does. He has a slight tongue tie, the pediatrician said its not severe enough to clip it but that it may make him less efficient at sucking. (Frustrating for me, I air on the side of taking action and would rather just have it fixed if it’s making things harder for him.) He’s obviously doing fine though, he’s gaining weight like a champ and getting chubbier every day, it seems. His hands look so big to me lately, and we are noticing his cheeks and arms and thighs filling out. I really, really love this kid. He is such a sweet boy and I love his expressiveness.

Nora is such a little lady. She is sweet and dainty and almost proper in her mannerisms. She is pretty serene and rarely gets upset (but when she does she has quite a screech, haha). Her little voice is so cute, and her cries are so small and girly. It’s harder for me to hear her cry than it is with Ben because she just seems more vulnerable and less tough. Maybe it’s a boy/girl thing and I’m just imagining it because she’s a girl. Anyway. Nora usually has a pleasant little look on her face. She seems so content and also a little curious, just looking around and taking in her surroundings and our faces as we talk to her. Her big bright eyes and sweet little smiles are the cutest. She is so pretty and feminine, and looks so innocent with her huge eyes, so it makes it extra hilarious if she does something un-ladylike, such as tooting or blowing out her diaper. When she does these things she has the most innocent look on her face, like “who, me?” And we laugh and laugh. Putting Nora down for sleep is a breeze, when she starts to look sleepy we swaddle her up and lay her down, and she blinks a few times and either falls asleep or lays there blinking for a few minutes before drifting off. Sometimes she will squirm against the swaddle a bit or let out a couple cries after we shut the door, but she never gets worked up, and falls asleep within less than a minute or two. This girl is so easygoing! I can’t get over how cute she is and I think she is getting more beautiful each day!

4 comments on ‘Ben and Nora: 1.5 months’

  1. marilyn heap says:

    Yea…..so happy to find this beautiful post…. The pitures are worth tons of SOLID GOLD. They are getting sooooo cute. I can hardly stand it….Thank you for sharing these choice little spirits with us…You write beautifuly about them and their pictures sort of reflect their personalities. They are growing so fast and look so healthy. I can hardly wait to meet them. Thank you for the Harlem card…..I love it. Keep posting. They will love reading this and seeing the great pictures. Looks like things are going great.

  2. Alexa says:

    i cannot get over ben’s eyebrows. such a little skeptic! he’s going to be a funny guy, i just know it :)

    and we were just talking the other day about how dainty and lovely nora is. already such a little lady!

    amazing how they are who they are, from the very first day.

  3. Mary says:

    Angie, you have babies!!!! And not just one, TWO!!!! I am so happy to see you mothering. You have taken to it like a born natural and seem so at ease, especially with twins! I am looking forward to many many more pictures and updates. I went a while without blogging/reading blogs and decided to check up on you guys. Somehow, I missed the whole pregnancy and BAM! you have twins! Oh my goodness, they’re precious! Keep enjoying and fill your bank with all theses wonderful moments…they’ll carry you through the tough ones. :) Enjoy! Welcome to mamamhood!!!

  4. Sharla Graf says:

    OH how I loved catching up with Ben and Nora. I miss these little ones and can’t wait to give them a squeeze! They are such different little spirits and yet such great little twins all at the same time. Heavenly Father’s miracle of creation along with you and your sweet husband. What a joy it is to be welcoming them into the family and to watch them grow and show more and more of their unique little selves. We love and adore them!

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