Pregnancy update : 25 weeks!

by angie.

Thought I would post a little pregnancy update on how the twins are doing!

I am seeing a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for my prenatal care since my multiple pregnancy is considered higher risk than a singleton pregnancy. I feel really secure knowing they are keeping such a close eye on the babies and their development. I go in every two weeks for an ultrasound to make sure I am not showing any signs of premature labor. Every four weeks I have an ultrasound to check and measure each baby, my amniotic fluid, and probably a host of other things I’m not even aware they’re checking! I’ve also had ultrasounds to check the chambers of each baby’s heart to make sure they are developing normally, since there is a slightly higher chance of heart defects after IVF. So far me and the babies are all doing perfectly well! Everyone is growing on target and nothing out of the ordinary has come up. As of this week, baby boy weighs 1 pound 12 oz and baby girl weighs 1 pound 7 oz. they told me that baby boy has long legs – his femur bone was 94th percentile for length! Very impressive, baby.

Everyone is asking us about names. We haven’t decided anything yet, but we have a few we like for each gender. I am still very overwhelmed about narrowing it down and actually naming a human being. Why should I be trusted with such a huge, important responsibility??? Hopefully it comes naturally when we meet these little people.

I feel so positive and excited about this pregnancy and I really feel that everything will continue to go well. I am confident that I’ll be able to carry my babies to term (37 weeks). And I am really hopeful about having a natural birth without a c-section. A lot of that depends on the positioning of the babies. If they don’t cooperate perfectly, we’ll schedule a c-section. But for now they’re both head down and I am thinking positive and hoping they’ll stay that way! In the end I am happy no matter how they arrive, as long as everyone is healthy.


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  1. Sheralee says:

    What a blessing to be able to have them checked on so frequently! I am such a worry wart, and I was dying to know how my baby was developing before my 20 week ultrasound. I think this whole pregnancy thing is a great exercise in faith! I love your optimism, and you are looking so beautiful!!

  2. marilyn heap says:

    Very Beautiful little Momma…I have always loved those beautiful blue eyes. Very striking….. We have new baby calves coming every day now and the weather is perfect for them. {February 11th}

  3. Sharla Graf says:

    Simply Stunning! You are the most Adorbs Pregnant girl I have ever seen!

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