California love

by angie.

Klane needs more of a presence here on this blog. He just spent almost 3 weeks in LA doing awesome things, so let’s give the man some of the spotlight! Below are a few highlights from his time in LA.

His hotel was in Santa Monica on the beach. That’s his partner, Pat, on the right. We love Pat.

klaneinLA 1

Here are a few shots from on set. I don’t think I’m allowed to show shots of the actual scenes or sets. Maybe I’ll put them up after the spots air. This is how they get nice “twilight” lighting:

klaneinLA 2

klaneinLA 5

klaneinLA 6

One weekend he drove out to Joshua Tree National Park and hiked around. I wish I could have gone with him! It was such a unique, beautiful landscape. He had a great time.

klaneinLA 8.1

klaneinLA 8

klaneinLA 9

klaneinLA 12

klaneinLA 13

klaneinLA 14

klaneinLA 15

On his last Saturday in California, Klane drove up the PCH to Santa Barbara to spend time with a friend and his family. Klane tried his first time surfing with Seth and his boys, and he stood up on his second wave! He was so excited and he had a really fun time. Later they hung out at Seth’s home and walked the beach nearby.

klaneinLA 16

klaneinLA 1 (1)

klaneinLA 2 (1)

klaneinLA 3 (1)

It’s times like these I wonder, Why does anyone live anywhere besides California?!

5 comments on ‘California love’

  1. Alexa says:

    great photos, klane! i really want to get out to joshua tree sometime.

  2. marilyn heap says:

    Wow ….The pictures are really cool…Loved all of them. Too bad you were not able to be there with Klane. It would have been such a neat experience…..Maybe next time…

  3. sharla graf says:

    Yea, next time you need to be right bsside that man of yours and take in all that beautiful California weather and scenery! I have become a California Fan and can’t wait for my February trip with your Dad. Now that we have a flight right out of Provo to L.A. we need to make that happen. Maybe when you guys move there it will become our travel destination more often…. hint hint hint.
    Klane looks like a movie star btw and I loved sneaking a peak into his exciting life! He is a Rockstar around here!

  4. Lisa ! says:

    We love California too! We just took the kids to Disneyland in California a couple of weeks ago and the warm weather there was so fabulous! We enjoyed our day at the beach …and it was at that time that I knew I could live somewhere much warmer than Utah hahaha. Oh, I just love warmer weather for sure. I think that Klane has such a great eye behind the camera…what GREAT shots he took of his working trip to all the places he visited. So glad he is back home with you now too!

  5. Kyle says:

    We love Klane. Thanks for sharing!!

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