Christmas Day 2013

by angie.

On Christmas morning we all woke bright and early and rushed downstairs – but it wasn’t presents we were after. We couldn’t wait to open the computer and skype with our missionary! Brandon has been in Russia for six months now, and this was our first chance to hear his voice and see his face since he left. It was so, so great to talk to him. He is so happy and so peaceful. It’s obvious he has fully dedicated himself representing Christ. The peace and joy he feels by sharing the good news of Christ’s gospel just radiates from him. I am so proud of my little brother!

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After our talk, Justin and Andrea went back to the Lamb’s for Christmas morning festivities. We decided to wait for them to open our presents, so we enjoyed a big breakfast and a slow morning, and mom and dad had a chance to Skype with their other missionary in Hawaii, Elder Takei. We opened our gifts around 1:00 pm when Justin and Andrea got back. It was different but nice!

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Klane gave me a new camera, which was a total surprise. I’m so excited about it; it’s smaller and lighter and easier to carry around, and so I think I will use it a ton more, and get back into the habit of taking pictures! I gave Klane a sight for his gun, which he loved testing out a few days later.

Dad deep-fried a turkey for our Christmas dinner, which was an event in itself. It was entertaining and hilarious and fun, and ultimately, it was extremely delicious. A good time was had by all.

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I think it was this night that we played telestrations and laughed until our faces were red. It was such a fun time. I love my family.

2 comments on ‘Christmas Day 2013’

  1. marilyn heap says:

    Love the pictures of Brandon, {Elder Graf} He looks sooo good …full of light and happiness… You can tell that happy glow from a missionary who is obedient and is loving what he is doing…He can teach the truth and whether they accept it or reject it it does not change a thing…It is still the truth…Truth is eternal and unchanging…We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives…Love you sweet angel..You are always in my heart and in my prayers….

  2. Alexa says:

    You do have a fantastic family! The table looks so beautiful all decorated and I am excited about your new camera. Looks like a happy Christmas!

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