Let’s have a talk about January

by angie.

Well, it’s over. So that’s good.

No, no, I don’t hate January. It’s just not my most favorite month of the year. I always go through a period of post-holiday blues for the first week of January, and then things start looking up again. But it is definitely altogether too freezing for my liking. I do love layering, wearing boots, etc etc. But there comes a point where it is just too cold, and that point is anything below 25 degrees. Which it was, for a week straight. I also came down with a really bad sickness and was pretty much confined to bed for a few days. I even missed work, which is saying something.

But it’s over! Yay!! And you know what? Despite the bitter cold and dark days, there were some things I really loved about this January.

First of all, I started a program/health competition called Great in 8 on a team with Justin, Andrea and Casey. We get points for eating healthy food, drinking water, exercising, reading scriptures, praying, and doing other things to promote general health and happiness. It has been SO motivating for me. I’ve enjoyed it so much and have worked out six days a week for the last three weeks. It’s only been three weeks and I’ve already lost over 5 pounds! Amazing! Plus I have studied the scriptures and prayed out loud every day, something I haven’t been this consistent with, probably ever. I feel so healthy, happy and well-balanced.

This newfound healthy lifestyle is especially awesome because our eight-week challenge will end the day after we arrive in COSTA RICA for a week-long vacation! We are super excited about it. We’re renting a house with friends and we can’t wait to hit the beach and hopefully find some adventures in the national parks there.

Along with planning that trip, I caught the travel bug in January and planned some other fun trips for the year. North Carolina to visit Jo and new baby Sally, a road trip with Klane to Acadia Maine for Memorial Day, a weekend in California, and probably a summer trip to Utah are all on the horizon. Lots of good things to look forward to.

At the beginning of the month I went with friend Joanna from work to see a cool art exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory, which is just a few blocks from my work. Everyone was talking about it, and it was right there, so I figured why not? It was pretty cool. There was this giant curtain which was connected to swings which people could swing on, which caused the curtain to billow and sway in a very beautiful way. There were other elements like music and pigeons flying around indoors and a lot of it went over my non-artsy head, but it was ethereal and beautiful and interesting and I enjoyed it.

I have also kept extremely busy with the Young Women, but I am really enjoying my calling. There are frustrating moments, but I have loved preparing lessons with the new youth curriculum and having that to focus my study of the gospel. I have felt closer to my Heavenly Father and the Savior and gained new insights into the gospel through my study. And there are shining moments where you really feel like you’re making a difference in these girls’ lives, and those make it all worth it.

This has also been a weird month because Klane has been out of town for half of it. He went to California to film a bunch of commercials that he and Pat came up with. He is basically living his dream right now. I am really, really happy for him to have an opportunity like this. And he is loving it. The down-side is that he has to be out there for almost a whole month!! It’s been over two weeks already and I am missing him more and more each day. In some ways it’s been nice to live the “single life” again, setting my ideal sleep schedule, cooking and eating what I want, leaving the hair dryer out in the bathroom with zero guilt, silly little things like that. Thankfully I’ve kept really busy, with YW responsibilities and a baby shower and fun outings with friends. I went to a play with friends from work, saw a couple movies, went to dinner, etc. This has distracted me from loneliness for the most part, but let’s be real. I miss my husband. We haven’t had many chances to talk due to the time difference and busy work schedules, but we’ve passed the time by texting and sending each other selfies and there have been a couple FaceTimes and one very romantic (and sleepy) middle-of-the-night phone call. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Which is why it’s awesome that I get to go to California this weekend to see him! I’ll be spending the weekend there, and then he will be back at the end of next week. Yay!

Annnnnnnd iPhone picture dump:

11 comments on ‘Let’s have a talk about January’

  1. AG says:

    Loved reading this recap of your recent adventurings, AGH. I was just thinking earlier today that it had felt like a while since i’d read any of your awesome words so what a great delight to see this is the ol’ google reader. Have so much fun in that sunny CA!!! :)

  2. Christine says:

    yay for great in 8! and even more yay for your travels! i’m so jealous!! :)

  3. Sharla Graf says:

    Finally! We have all been waiting and you never disappoint with your updates! So many great and exciting things happening for you along with the every day January happenings, and mostly good for you and your “new me” attitude! Loved reading about all you have been involved in and the pictures were so dang cute! Love our chats! Love your cute husband and he is such a superstar! Thinking about you both and excited for your weekend in California.

  4. Sydna Graf says:

    I went to Idaho for my grandma’s funeral. The mornings were NEGATIVE 6 and the high was 14. I was so glad to get back to Utah where I felt warm in the 20’s. But the 40’s are back and we hardly even need a coat! January is such a cold month.You might want to add a road trip to Palmyra sometime. It will not disappoint!

  5. Alexa says:

    finally! if i hadn’t seen you a couple times lately, i’d be wondering if you were ever coming back from utah :)

  6. marilyn heap says:

    Thanks so much Angie, Love sharing in all of the great, exciting things you sre accomplishing in your life….We are so very proud of you and your deep goodness. Thanks for being such an angel… so happy that you get to go the Calif. to see your sweetheart. That will be a great Valentine present….Loved all of the pictures…Stay safe and remember how very much you are loved…..

  7. Amanda says:

    SO many good things happening in your life! Great to read about the success you are having in your challenge. It’s time for me to challenge myself in some of those ways. Your travel plans have only added to my travel itch, and thankfully I’m heading out to the Bay in two weeks to cure it. Your man looks pretty happy in sunny CA; I think you guys would like living there. San Francisco area, perhaps? ;)

  8. Sheralee says:

    Wow, what a month! I can relate to you with the busy-ness…and I only wish I could relate to your health challenge! That is so awesome! Exercising 6 days a week! Five pounds!! Holy Smokes! I’m so inspired by you in so many ways. Your upcoming trips sound amazing! Isn’t it nice to have something like that to look forward to? I’m glad to hear Young Women is going well for you. Your ward situation sounds similar to mine, which is kind of weird since I live in Utah. We only have a few active girls but a few non-members have started to come which keeps things exciting. :) I have had challenges I definitely did not foresee, but the new curriculum is SO good and it is fun being a part of the girls’ lives. I’m sure you are doing an incredible job! And I’m so glad you get to see Klane again. That would be really hard to be away for so long.
    Well, this comment is starting to get a little too epic so I should probably stop. :) Thank you for your example and commitment! And thanks for posting! Love ya!!

  9. Lis says:

    Yes, I agree…I’m so glad that that COLD month of January is over. It was entirely TOO cold for us too, here in Utah. It snowed again yesterday. We need the moisture. But, I don’t think we need that low of temperature. They are saying that this was one of the 6 coldest January’s ever recorded in Utah. We have felt every bone-chilling minute of it too. I was so happy to hear about your January and also to see some cute pics of your life! Love ya so much Ang !

  10. marilyn heap says:

    It’s great to hear from you. The nicest thing about January for me is that it went so fast! Hoping to see you relatively soon. I’m thinking Brandon’s farewell. Hope your LA time was fabulous. (By the way, this is Cherene using Grandmas’ computer.)

  11. sharla graf says:

    OHHHHH!!!! I am so excited to see your post from your California adventures! So much fun, and so good to be with your sweetheart again.

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