by angie.

We had such a great Christmas vacation in Utah. I was completely thrilled that it snowed so much while we were there. It snowed all day on Christmas Eve, so we definitely had a white Christmas! It was magical.

Here are some pictures of the sledding day we had with some of Klane’s family. Lynsie has an AWESOME sledding hill near her house, so we went out with the kids for an afternoon. It was so much fun. Afterward we played games and had pizza at Lynsie’s. I love our family!

4 comments on ‘Sledding’

  1. sharla graf says:

    I love your family too! These are such great shots of everybody and when you look at those beautiful mountains as a back drop it is really breath taking! We live in such a beautiful place and so happy you got to share the holidays with all of us! If we wouldn’t have been so busy we would have combined some Harding and Graf time! Love the Hardings!!

  2. Casey says:

    Your photos are amazing! The snow, the mountains, YOU! Everything. I especially love the shot of the long train. What a blast to be with family.

  3. marilyn heap says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christman vacation. YOu are so blessed to have such great families. Loved all of these beautiful pictures of your beautiful family having fun in the snow….

  4. SheraLyn says:

    We have a hill like that near our house. I love snow and sledding and most of all time with family. What a great family you have been blessed with.

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