This week

by angie.

Life is a little different this week in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Klane and I returned to work on Wednesday, but the public transit system was still shut down. This made for horrible traffic all over the city, which meant that I walked the 3.5 miles to work. Crazy thing was, walking that distance was almost as fast as taking the bus would have been, due to the traffic. I was glad for the hour walk, considering I’d been inside the apartment for the better part of the last four days.

Central Park was also closed for several days, which was really strange. It made me realize how many people are usually there, because they were all displaced to the sidewalk surrounding the park. It was jammed with runners and dog-walkers in the morning. The park seemed like some kind of exclusive club. Everyone wanted to get in and see what was inside, but there were guards standing at every entrance. Authorized personnel only! I was really happy when the park reopened.

The other crazy thing is that recycling collection stopped, so everyone’s recycling is piling up on the sidewalks. They still haven’t collected it, I’m wondering how much longer that is going to take!

Lower Manhattan was completely blacked out for the whole week, so the city really became divided into the Light and the Dark. Below 34th street it was like a third world country. No cell service, no way to charge phones, no heat, hot water or electricity. Most people just left. North of 34th street it was like business as usual. Very crazy to see that divide.

Things are looking up though. The transit system is mostly back up now, at least in Manhattan, and the power went back on this morning.

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