Temple Square + Red Iguana

by angie.

I had this idea that I needed to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square this year. Klane was less than enthusiastic, saying he was satisfied seeing them once every five years or so, but I persisted and a trip was planned. We went up to SLC with Mom, Dad, Justin and Andrea to see the lights. I sweetened the deal for Klane by promising a delicious dinner afterward.

Temple Square was the same as always, the lights were beautiful as usual. But I must say, Klane was right; there was nothing new to see. Haha. It was fun though, we enjoyed walking around with Justin and Andrea and seeing the pretty lights. I always like visiting the Salt Lake Temple, where we were married. Klane and I also came to temple square to see the Christmas lights the night we were engaged! And I just remember so many visits to Temple Square throughout my youth with family, or youth groups for church, or to go to General Conference. So being there brings back lots of happy memories.

We walked around for about 15 minutes and then mom and dad picked us up and we went to dinner at Red Iguana (not to be confused with Blue Iguana, which is not the same thing and not as good). Okay, HOLY COW that place was amazing. Their variety of mole sauces were like nothing I had ever tasted. I didn’t know Mexican food could taste so different or so good. We all loved it. Highly recommended.

We entertained ourselves by playing Family Feud in the car on the way up and back. It’s my dad’s latest obsession, which he got from the girls and work and has now passed on to all of us. Good times!

2 comments on ‘Temple Square + Red Iguana’

  1. Sydna Graf says:

    I finally made it to Red Iguana last summer after years of hearing how good it was, and it lives up to it’s hype. I think that it really isn’t Christmas without seeing the lights, even if it’s just a quick drive by, so I’m glad you convinced your family to go with you.

  2. Amanda says:

    You and Klane are total hotties, but that last shot of the temple is my absolute favorite! Salt Lake temple = most beautiful building in the world. And I love Red Iguana. Jared isn’t a huge fan, but that’s because he hasn’t yet embraced the mole. It’s sad, really…

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