Christmas Eve

by angie.

Klane and I spent Christmas Eve at the Hardings home. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of cornish game hens, among other things. Each of the little hens was given a name, which was hilarious. The kids were adorable and funny and we all sat down in the family room to watch some of the church’s new Bible Videos and talk about the birth of Jesus. It was really sweet to hear the kids’ answers to Grandpa Harding’s gospel questions.

Afterward, it was time for presents! We moved into the front room and the kids opened their presents from Grandma and Grandpa, then they were off to play while the adults opened our sibling gifts from each other and our gifts from mom and dad Harding, and we presented them with our gifts as well.

It was such a lovely evening spent with family! I love the traditions we keep and the love we share. I love our family!

2 comments on ‘Christmas Eve’

  1. Klane says:

    Cool headset Sara.

  2. Amanda says:

    Look at all those kiddos! It must be so fun to spend the holidays with all those cute faces. The little green PJ sets are SO adorable.

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