Christmas Day

by angie.

Christmas morning we got up bright and early and drove up to the Graf house to open presents with my siblings. Justin and Andrea finished up with her family and came over around 9:30 so we could open presents.

The raddest present:
The tiniest present:
My cute dad had to keep his foot elevated because he had surgery just a couple days before!
The biggest surprise: Justin and Andrea opening their new digital SLR from mom and dad:
And then Brandon put on the stockings. He’s silly.

We then gulped down breakfast and rushed off to church at 11:00, which turned out kind of funny. (Whoever thought it was a good idea to combine two full sized family wards on Christmas Day when all the grown kids and their families are visiting was seriously misguided. We sat in the Relief Society room and listened to the Christmas program, which was broadcast from the chapel. It was a little odd.)

Later we headed up to Sundance to spend the evening at the cabin. It is always gorgeous at Sundance. I had a ton of fun taking engagement photos for Justin and Andrea. Then we had a yummy ham dinner and stayed up way too late playing Super Mario Brothers. It was so fun!

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