2010: Year in Review

by angie.

Started the year off right by quitting my job at the dental office in midtown, greatly increasing happiness in keeping with our 2010 family theme).

Got a new grocery store that changed my life

Went to Utah in March

Started walking in CP to get to work, saw the first signs of springtime

Celebrated our one year NYC anniversary and started training for our second half marathon

Met up with my parents in DC in April

Met Elder Holland when he came to our Harlem 1st Ward

Went to Maui with my family in May

Fell in love with Boston and ran a half marathon on Memorial Day

My parents and brother came to NYC for the Big Apple BBQ in June

Had an amazing vacation with most of Klane’s siblings on St Thomas in June

Klane played on a summer softball league with his work

Went to Utah to meet my newborn niece Kaylie in July

We finally went to a NY beach

Klane became Scout Master and went to scout camp in August

Klane went to LA to film his first tv commercials in October

Enjoyed a nice long beautiful east coast Autumn

Had lots of visitors in the fall

Thanksgiving in the city with friends and Klane’s parents

Experienced Christmas in the city

Came home for Christmas!

2010 was a great year! I think
our family theme of happiness was the perfect
guiding force – our year was filled with it. I am so excited for
what 2011 will bring. There are sure to be good things in store.
I’ll be posting our 2011 family theme in the next couple days, I
have it all picked out. :)

7 comments on ‘2010: Year in Review’

  1. sharla Graf says:

    Loved 2010! Loved your theme and all you did to accomplish it! Love that you are all ready to go in 2011 and full of your usual goal setting power! I love you!!

  2. Joanna Galbraith says:

    This is such a neat post! It’s funny because I knew most of this stuff, but I had forgotten it. It really is amazing what can happen in a year. I am planning to post my own year in review as soon as my life gets back to normal. Happy new year!

    • Cherene says:

      What an incredible year! I love that you are having such great experiences, and that because of your blog, so many of us get to share them. I wish you and Klane the very best for 2011! Love you”Heaps!”

  3. Abbie White says:

    Enough of this – I MISS YOU!!!! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HANG OUT?!?!

    wanna come over on Tuesday? We can catch up! I need Angie time!

  4. Morgan says:

    This is such a fun post. The first big event of the year made me laugh. It’s amazing how much a grocery store can change a person’s life! I’m glad that 2010 was such a good year for you. I’m willing to bet that 2011 will be (at least) just as great! Happy new year!!!

  5. Such a fun 2010! I’m excited to see what this year has in store for you and Klane, and I’m even more excited to come along for the ride through your blog :-)

  6. Donna says:

    You guys have so much fun…I’m jealous!! I loved the house in Boston, I could live in a house like that! Keep taking more great pics of all your adventures.

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