Utah, sledding, good times

by angie.

We have had such a great vacation in Utah so far. Sleeping in, losing track of what day it is, playing with adorable nieces and nephews, hanging out with family, eating lots of good food, enjoying the big sky and the huge, majestic mountains.

When we first got here it felt a little weird to be back. Driving in cars, LDS-targeted advertisements, miles of suburbs… it was kind of freaking me out a little bit. We plan on moving back to Utah (or at least the west) eventually to raise our family, but for the first day here I was thinking, Could I really ever live here again? After the busy, crowded streets of NYC, it seemed so small. But after the culture shock wore off, I feel at home again. I love the mountains. I love being here with family. I love the thought of living in a house someday. (Though probably a small-ish house. People here live in such HUGE spaces! I can’t imagine it. We were driving along a regular street and I suddenly turned to Klane and said, “Think how many people could live on this street if they all condensed into apartment buildings like they have in New York. Look how spread out these houses are! What a huge waste of space!!”) Anyway. I love Utah. Even with its quirks.

After lots of cold but no snow in New York, I was looking forward to a white Christmas in Utah. But for the first few days we had sunny skies! Then snowpocalypse 2010 hit NYC, shutting down the city with feet of snow. I will admit, I was a little jealous. And a little homesick for the city. Especially looking at pictures on friendsblogs of the winter wonderland our home had become (NYC is positively magical in the snow). But thankfully an awesome blizzard rolled in yesterday afternoon, which made me really happy. All I wanted was one snow storm while in Utah. And I definitely got it! While driving from Alpine to Daybreak (a 20 minute drive which took 80), we watched two cars slide off the road into a ditch and a wall, respectively. It was pretty exciting.

And there is always snow in the mountains. We went up to the cabin for some extreme sledding on Tuesday. It was so fun! My dad would take us up to the top of the road (which was packed with snow and ice) on the 4-wheeler, then we flew down at 25 mph. Soooo fun!

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  1. Alisha Graf says:

    Angie!! I love the last picture…it is my favorite. I think what makes the pic is that Brandon turned his back. Too cool to make a funny face… :)Looks like you two have had a really fun trip. Nothing beats sledding down a hill really fast and having a four wheeler pull you to the top…I want to go sledding with you guys next time.

  2. Joanna Galbraith says:

    Oh, wow! This looks so fun!!! Your Christmas looks like it has been simply magical! I can’t wait to see your new lens. You are going to be an even better photographer than you already are, if that’s possible. I always look forward to seeing all your great pictures!!!

    Hope the rest of your trip is great! I’m sure I will see you soon!

  3. Allie says:

    I totally had to laugh as I read this because I am seriously claustrophobic… everywhere I go around here I’m like, AH! It’s so crowded! Too much traffic! So many students, so many cars! AH! Ha ha…. I’d never last in the city. I do love to visit there, but I think it might eat me alive. Anyway, this was a great post! Your pictures look so fun! Merry Christmas!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Oh my goodness! That looks like so much fun~! I have sled envy! Can Pat and I please be adopted into your family…just for a little bit?

  5. Ryan says:

    Great Pictures as always. I’ve never been to the cabin in winter and it looks so beautiful in all the snow. That last picture is funny. I busted up when I saw Brandon turned around. Makes for a funny pose.

  6. Lisa says:

    Wow, Happy New Year today!! Loving looking through these fun pics from the cabin. Love how much snow you guys got up there! St. George has had tons of rain! We even got a glimpse of snow for a couple seconds! But, it’s so fun to see REAL SNOWWWWWWWW! Thanks for sharing those pictures! Love the last one!!!! hahaha! Can’t wait to join your fun family up at the cabin sometime again –

  7. Amanda V. says:

    These pictures kill me. The snowy mountains are so beautiful, and Sundance is like a second home to me! I never thought I would miss Utah as much as I did this Christmas.

  8. Morgan says:

    I’m so happy to hear about all of the fun that you’ve been having in Utah! I remember that it always felt so weird going home back when I still lived in New York. You don’t even realize how accustomed you’ve gotten to being without certain things until you have it again. I always thought that I’d miss living in a house and driving in car, but you get so used to the urban lifestyle. Anyway I’m glad that once you got past the weirdness of it all, it started to feel like home again. It must feel so good to be back!

  9. Elder Graf says:

    again, don’t know if I’m allowed to comment here, but I just had to point out that both Klane and Brandon are wearing my coats- it’s like I was vicariously there!

  10. sharla Graf says:

    Love it when Justin sneaks a post in and Andrea noticed Justin’s somewhat appearance in this post! Gotta love that we can share! Right Justin! Tee hee
    I really love looking at these pictures and I think it was so wild and crazy to do that sledding adventure! I don’t remember doing it before, but I won’t miss out again!

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