Images of Christmas break

by angie.

Here are some random pictures from our trip. Lots of family, lots of presents, lots of dinners, lots of playing with the kids, and a whole lot of Kaylie. She is the first and only grandchild in my family and we are kind of obsessed with her. Kyle and Michelle (Kaylie’s parents) moved to Arizona today, so we tried to soak up a lot of time with them and the baby before they left.

We have also been playing dance games on the Wii, which is really hilarious and fun. We went to a movie. Went to Sundance for sledding, and skiing. Traveled in a blizzard to Annie’s to see her new house and watch the Jazz game. I just don’t want you to think the only thing we do is sit around and eat. Haha.

Christmas Eve at the Grafs…

“The Pose”:

Christmas Eve dinner at Harding’s

Christmas morning…

Christmas dinner at Graf’s…

Sunday dinner at Hardings…

Klane loves playing with the nephews and nieces. He’s so good with kids.

One of our many dinners out with Grafs…

All in all, it has been super fun. I don’t want to go home. I hope our flight on Monday gets cancelled so we can stay longer! More vacation, please!

5 comments on ‘Images of Christmas break’

  1. Calee says:

    Your parents’ home looks beautiful and little Kaylie nailed the “pose”! ;) We should have had a little reunion while you were here. Next time…

  2. sharla Graf says:

    You really capture the feelings and the fun! So glad we have a professional photographer now at our family events. You are amazing and I loved looking thru these several times. I am usually too busy to snap a picture and then it is all over and I wish I had one to bring back the memory of it all!

  3. Morgan says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! That makes me happy. I love all of the pictures. I just have to say that your nieces and nephews are ADORABLE, that gingerbread house is unbelievable, and you and that plaid shirt are so cute!

  4. Amanda says:

    You will love that your husband loves to play with the kids! Makes for great dads!! Kaylie looks just like her mom to me! Oh how I love the Graf family!!

  5. Hooray for Christmas in Utah!

    That Kaylie is such a doll! I wish we’d been able to see her over the holidays, but I’m so glad we got to see you! It was so great catching up with you and Klane. If only we could do it more often :-)

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