This is where I live

by angie.

I have been trying to take more “city” pictures, to more accurately document my life. Despite how it may appear on my blog, I do not actually live in Central Park. So here are some pictures that show the city part of our life. Buildings, concrete, people, cars. It’s busy and exciting and full of energy and I love it. I took these on my phone over the past week on my usual travels around the city.

The Knickerbocker Club building, one of my favorite historic buildings in the neighborhood where I work. I think it is just beautiful:

Upper East Side mansions. I love the ornate stone details and the decorative iron gates:

Shops, restaurants and fall leaves on 62nd street:

Waiting for a bus on 86th street after watching a BYU game at the Galbraith’s:

Good morning! Skyline + fall foliage in CP (I had to, I just had to):

“Darling I love you but give me Park Avenuuuuuue!”
My mom loves that I just quoted that. :)

8 comments on ‘This is where I live’

  1. Calee says:

    How ’bout one of your office?

    (Do you ever feel like you’re on your way to see David Letterman or something while running around the huge city?)

  2. Calee says:

    WOOHOO first comment!

  3. angie says:

    I am weird about posting pictures of my office because i don’t want internet creepers to know where I work. Paranoid, I know. But in the last picture, I was standing in the middle of Park Avenue and my office was directly to my right. The building it’s in looks pretty much exactly like the buildings you see on the right side of the photo. :)

  4. Sharla Graf says:

    Oh I am singing the Green Acres song right this minute! I love it and I love that you quoted it and I think about it every time we pass or walk on Park Avenue. What a lovely place to live, work, play and be you! You are really dong it my girl! We are so proud of you and think you are basically a superstar!!

  5. Alexa says:

    I love this, especially the last photo! We live in such a special place and I just want to capture and bottle every single experience. We will miss this one day!

  6. Sydna Graf says:

    Does this mean the next chapter in your life will be to live on a farm in the country? :) I’m sure you will make it exciting to read about in your blog. Like Pioneer Woman!

  7. Katherine says:

    I LOVE fall in NYC. Best time of year there– cool, crisp, colorful, vibrant. So jealous! Thanks for providing a vicarious field trip!

  8. Yelena says:

    Your posts and photos always make me want to pack up and move to New York! Gorgeous photos! :)

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