Stories from the Subway

by angie.

I spend almost an hour down there every day. A lot goes on in the subway. Here are a few little moments.

One perk of working on a holiday like MLK day: Look how empty the train was in the morning! No problem getting a seat!

The other day on the way home (on another unusually empty train) I noticed this guy. He had flowers and a big bag of groceries and another little bag. I liked to imagine he was going home to make a romantic homemade dinner for his girl, and give her flowers and a gift to top it off. :)

On my way home today. Typical, semi-crowded train.

Looking out the subway car window, onto the platform at 59th St.

Almost every day on my way home, I happen to get on a train with the same conductor. You may ask, “But how can you possibly know it’s the same person?” Actually, this guy has a very distinctive voice and way of announcing the stops. He kind of drags out the words, and his voice goes up and down. It is definitely the same guy. It’s funny, but I’ve become so accustomed to his voice that I notice if it’s not him when I get on my train home. It’s become a part of my daily life to hear “my” conductor on the way home. It’s almost comforting!

Today I took a video of one of the stops, so you can hear my conductor. We need to give him a name.

Aww, he’s so cute.

But think about this for a second. B and D trains come by every 3 to 7 minutes during rush hour. That’s a lot of trains! What are the odds that I would get the same conductor every day? I don’t get to the platform at exactly the same time every evening. I like to think about where this guy starts out every evening, to put him at my platform at the right time every day. It’s so cool that in a city of millions of people, you can cross paths with the same people multiple times. I wonder how often that happens with random people (you know, not MTA workers) and you never even realize it…

I like this picture. We’re all in this together.

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