A Real Weekend!

by angie.

This was the first Saturday that I haven’t had to work since the beginning of December. Yes, Christmas break was in there, but still! I’ve worked way too many Saturdays around here lately. So I was very excited to have a real weekend, especially since the weather was supposed to be so warm. The high yesterday was close to 50 degrees!

We slept in and then went for a run/walk (we’re a little out of shape) through Central Park and down to the East 60s-80s. I wanted to show Klane some of the beautiful Upper East Side buildings I saw on a couple lunchtime walks this week. It was a lot of fun.

After returning home and resting up, we headed back over to 74th Street and 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side to try the famous burgers at JG Melon. We’ve heard from many sources that these burgers are some of the best in the city. The verdict? They were really delicious! But we’re not sure if the 45 minute wait and poor service would lure us back a second time. We’re glad we went though, it was definitely worth experiencing at least once.

We stopped at Williams-Sonoma on the way home to look around and attempt to spend the large chunk of store credit I still have from our wedding. There is so much goodness in that store, I still can’t decide. Then we came home, had some dessert, and watched The Office online. It was a nice Saturday spent with my best friend!

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