Our Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

by angie.

Klane and I grew up about a mile away from each other. We were just far apart enough in age to never have met in high school, but our families have always known each other. (I’ve known Klane’s brother Michael since second or third grade, Klane has known my brother Kyle just as long.) And so we are lucky enough to enjoy the best of both worlds: sometimes we don’t have to choose which family we’re going to spend time with, because our families are friends, and like to get together in one big group! I love it.

For New Year’s Eve, my parents had the Harding family up to the cabin for a big huge rockin’ party. We had food, fondue, sledding, and the Great Equalizer: MarioKart Wii. ;) Most people slept over (although “slept” is a term used loosely in this instance), and in the morning there were homemade waffles and more sledding. Everyone had a great time. Especially me, I think. I love Klane’s family like my own. They are my own. I also love my family (obviously). It’s always hard trying to split time equally, so I am in heaven whenever we get to have both at the same time. All my very favorite people in one place. What could be better than that?

Here are the photos from New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Day photos get their own post. I love these people and can’t choose and so I have a million pictures.

(the photos with more than one image enlarge when clicked. thank you.)

Tessa didn’t make it till midnight

neither did Luke and Ethan

but Ryan did!

Seriously. How cute is this kid? It’s killin me.

My dad is all over that MarioKart.

Annie, Ryan, and Ryan’s Xbox controller which he thought was controlling one of the players on screen. Genius.

Favorite thing about Klane #4632: He is SO cute with the kids. (click to enlarge! cuteness awaits!)

Dave and Kaylene in on the action

sis-in-laws Lyns and Annie (oh and Klane too)

brother Kyle and sis-in-law Michelle

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