A long walk, Chef Yu and homemade brownies

by angie.

Klane promised to take me on a date Friday night. I walked down to his office after work to meet him. Then we walked to the restaurant, which was near Bryant Park (we thought we might go ice skating there after dinner). Our original plan was to go to this place with Mongolian BBQ, but it was closed, so we ended up going to Chef Yu, a Chinese place on 36th St and 8th Avenue. All in all, from my office on 62nd down to the restaurant, I walked 2 miles! But the great thing was it didn’t seem that far at all. There is so much to see in the city, and I could walk around holding hands with Klane for hours. :)

Chef Yu was yummy, and the service was fast. Klane asked me if I’d come back there again, and I thought for a second and decided I would, if there weren’t a million other places in the city I wanted to try. It’s exciting to have an endless supply of new restaurants to try for date night!

After dinner I was thinking of dessert, and after throwing around ideas of a few places to go for something sweet, we decided the best option would be homemade fudge brownies with ice cream at home. Turned out delicious, and we got to enjoy it while catching up on hilarious episodes of The Office. What a fun night!

Spicy diced chicken and shrimp lo mein. Yum!


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