wrapping up…

by angie.

I’ve dragged out posting pictures of Dave and Kaylene’s visit because doing it all at once was overwhelming and this week has been quite busy. And it was such a great weekend I want to drag it out as long as possible. But this is the last post. Please excuse even more Central Park pictures. We just love it there.

We went back to the park on Sunday to see Belvedere Castle and wander through The Ramble, enjoying the sound of leaves crunching under our feet. No raccoon sightings this time, just beautiful weather (mid-60’s!) and beautiful leaves.

On Monday morning we took the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty. Kaylene thought ahead and reserved tickets for us to go up to the pedestal, including walking through the museum inside. It was really neat!

It was windy.

Up close and personal with Lady Liberty. This is the view from the pedestal.

We also made a stop at Ellis Island and went inside the museum there.

I hate asking people to take pictures for me. Rarely do they do a good job of framing. Where is the bridge? Oh well.

Later we found an exceptional Thai place near the Brooklyn Bridge. Some of the tastiest coconut curry I’ve had!

Went to SoHo to walk through a few shops and appreciate the beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets.

And finally, we went to Burger Joint, and determined that Shake Shack’s burger is not only $1.50 cheaper, but it tastes better too. Also the shakes can’t be beat. Sorry, Burger Joint. We may have stopped at Shake Shack on the way home from Burger Joint to grab an FHE treat.

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