day one with dave and kaylene

by angie.

Dave and Kaylene left yesterday morning. We were sad to see them go! We had such a fun and relaxing weekend with them. We ate at a lot of delicious restaurants, enjoyed great conversation, laughed a lot, went to Shake Shack twice and Central Park three times. The weekend was definitely a success.

Here are some pictures from day one, last Friday. We hit Midtown, Central Park, the Met during the day, and Harlem in the evening. Thanks Kaylene for letting me steal some of your pictures!

We went to the park almost every day. It’s probably my favorite place in the city, and you have to take advantage of the fall leaves!

We took Dave and Kaylene to see where Klane works, so of course we stopped at St. Patricks and Rockefeller since they’re next door.

Always fun to stop at FAO Schwartz. We really almost played the big piano. We just felt bad about pushing little kids out of the way to do it.

The Apple Store was a must-see.

And if you walk right past Crumbs, you pretty much have to stop and grab a cupcake (or two) for the road, right?

Also a must-see, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Not pictured:
Lunch at THE best Halal food cart in Midtown (on 53rd and 6th, southeast corner). Yes the street carts are different, yes this one is the best.
Going to see This Is It, the Michael Jackson movie, at our theater in Harlem. The movie was so good! Highly recommended.
Dinner at Zoma, the ethiopian restaurant down the street. So unique, so delicious!

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