sunrise in midtown

by angie.

I saw the sunrise on my walk to work this morning.

It was almost a nice moment.

Then I realized I was outside, walking to work,
early enough in the morning that I was watching the sun rise.

Not okay, kids. Not okay.

I also almost quit today. But then I didn’t. But I really almost did.

I just have to stick it out, give it a fair chance. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!

I did enjoy working with the patients. Especially this guy who is really picky and usually gives the hygienists a really hard time and tells them everything they do wrong. But he loved me! He even told the doc what a great job I did. That felt good. I really do feel like I’m a good hygienist. Doing the actual work at this job is the best part.

See? I can see the positive side! I can have a good attitude! I can do this!!

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