angie’s family visits: day 3

by angie.

I forgot the camera this day. Yet somehow we ended up with way more pictures. I attribute this to the ease of taking iPhone photos. We had a lot of fun though. Please excuse the obscene amount of photos on this post. I’m really sorry. I just can’t help myself.

Started the morning at a bagel shop, wandered through the park, ran though the Museum of Natural History, hit the Shake Shack, shopped in Midtown, grabbed some Crumbs, then came home to watch the BYU game via video chat (thanks, Hardings!) and ordered in buffalo wings from the place around the corner. The day was a success. Enjoy.

I should clarify, half these pics were taken by my dad with his camera. Lest you give the iPhone camera too much credit. :)

my parents are way better at dipping than us.

but we laughed so hard trying to take these pictures, which was fun.

On to the Museum:

This is the part where Brandon and I speed-walked through the museum trying to see as much as we could in as little time as possible. It was hilarious and very fun. I’d recommend this as the best way to see a museum. Some nice person outside gave us two free tickets, so we actually took turns going in and taking a quick peek. We didn’t feel the need to wait in the admission line since we didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the museum anyway. Brandon and I just decided to make the very most out of our quick museum peek.

Well, at least we were amused.

Afterward we walked around the corner to the Shake Shack. Posing for pictures along the way.

And jumping over things. And being just silly.

(they’re so cute.)

The Shake Shack was busy but the food was delicious as always.

(he’s so cute.)

The Concrete Jungle, The Upper West Slide, and a personalized concoction of our own.

Me and my mom on our jaunt through Anthro. It’s fun to just look at all the beautiful things. Usually we think they’re too expensive to actually buy.

We went to H&M where we found some amazing purple velour mens pants and awesome hats. Brandon found some serious clothes too.

And of course we had to get some Crumbs cupcakes
(the best, in our humble opinion):

I had so much fun with my parents and Brandon here, I only wish they could’ve stayed longer! It was so fun to have a vacation for the weekend. Back to real life tomorrow!

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