angie’s family visits: day 2

by angie.

I took Friday off work and we had such a fun day. We were sooo lucky it didn’t rain Friday or Saturday, although it was a bit chilly! We slept in, had hot chocolate, walked through Bryant Park and the New York Public Library, went to the top of the Empire State Building, ate delicious pizza at Keste, walked through the village and Washington Square Park, and walked through Little Italy and Chinatown (which we forgot to take pictures of). In the evening we saw South Pacific at Lincoln Center, and caught a peek of the temple.

In many of the pictures I am holding the big camera. However, having the camera in my hands doesn’t necessarily mean I was focused on taking really great pictures, or many pictures at all. And so, contrary to my previous hints of great photos to come, I took very few pictures during my family’s visit. But it’s just because I was too busy having a good time to think about taking photos. Is that such a crime? I think not.

Bryant Park:

New York Public Library:

the green spots on my pictures are from my UV filter which I am too lazy to take off in low-light settings. please ignore it. thank you.

the leaves are juuuuust starting to change.


Washington Square Park:

Lincoln Center:

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  1. marilyn heap says:

    Angie. New York is a fasinating place. I love these pictures of your family and the sights of New York. You will be sight seeing with your sweet family again at Thanksgiving. Which is coming up very soon…thanks so much for your blogs. I totally love all of your pictures. They keep me feeling close to you…. Thanks for being our Angel….we love you so very much….Gram…..

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