justin’s farewell

by angie.

Sunday was such a wonderful day! We got to spend so much great time catching up with family and friends. It was so so good to see all of you! I love that we’re able to keep in touch through our blogs. Justin gave such an awesome talk; I am so impressed with what a great guy my little brother is. He is so mature and handsome and smart and spiritual and talented and hilarious and I just love him. We’re going to miss him a lot over the next two years but we’re looking forward to exchanging letters and keeping in touch while he’s away. I can’t wait to see the wonderful influence for good he will be as a missionary to the people of Toronto.

Everyone came to the house afterward for lunch and visiting.

lots of family, friends and food

the man of the hour

I took some pictures of Justin the missionary, and a few with he and his girlfriend, Andrea.

Can I just say that I’d be very thrilled if she was around for a long long time? We love Andrea. And look, they are so stinkin cute together.

We love you Justin! You’ll be an awesome missionary and we can’t wait to see all the good things you do!

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