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Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

One of the things I got really excited about when I found out I was having twins was COORDINATED HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Haha. It’s just too much fun. I thought of a lot of good ideas, but then I remembered this Wonder Woman costume Lynsie made for Tessa when she was a baby. I was obsessed […] Read the rest…

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edited2-1 Seven months
The days seem to be speeding up more than ever lately, I’m losing track of all the little details I want to remember about the twins at this age. This age is SO FUN. Every night after we put them in bed we both just keep saying “I love our kids!” at random times throughout […] Read more – ‘Seven months’.
family-9 Surprise Utah trip
Klane had the opportunity to visit BYU and teach an art direction workshop at the ad school, so we decided the babies and I should join him for the long weekend. We decided to keep it secret from my mom and surprise her. It was so fun to show up on her back porch Thursday […] Read more – ‘Surprise Utah trip’.
cptrip-3 Babies in Central Park
I took the kids to Central Park and we sat on the grass for 30 minutes. I have missed the park so much since we moved so far uptown, and having babies made it harder to get to the park as well. So this outing was a big accomplishment for me. We are only three […] Read more – ‘Babies in Central Park’.
bryantparkdate-5 Bryant Park dates with Alexa
We have gone down to Bryant Park to visit Alexa on her break from work a few times. It’s always a fun outing, great for mama to catch up with a dear friend and get some adult conversation, and the babies love their auntie Alexa! The kids get a lot of attention from passersby in […] Read more – ‘Bryant Park dates with Alexa’.
fingerlakescamp-14 Finger Lakes Camping!
Last weekend we drove up to Ithaca and met Justin, Andrea and Liam there for a camping trip! It was Ben and Nora’s first time camping and it was a huge success! We had a lot of fun. Nora on our pit stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania. (I was really hoping we would run into Michael […] Read more – ‘Finger Lakes Camping!’.

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