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Four months!

Four months!

I can’t believe Ben and Nora have been part of our family now for a third of a year! It’s crazy how fast time flies! We took them to the doctor for their 4 month checkup and shots last week. Ben started crying while Dr. Senkler was weighing him, so we were already in trouble […] Read the rest…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ben and Nora’s nursery
I had so much fun putting Ben and Nora’s nursery together. With such limited space in New York City, it’s such a treat that they even have their own space, so I feel very lucky that I got to decorate this little room for them. I used grey and yellow and kept things pretty simple. […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora’s nursery’.
crazytown-4 Crazy town
Klane had a crazy week at work. He was home late every night, a couple nights after I was in bed, and always after the kids were in bed. It was HARD. I don’t know how single parents do it. By the end of the week I was stress-eating ice cream in the middle of […] Read more – ‘Crazy town’.
hikingadventure-11 Family hiking adventure!
We took the babies on a hiking adventure on Saturday. After Klane’s crazy work week I think we both were just exhausted and wanted to escape as a family. So we found a hike that starts at the train station and hopped on the Metro North train to ride an hour up the Hudson river. […] Read more – ‘Family hiking adventure!’.
16 weeks! That’s almost four months! WHAT! Crazy town. The babies keep getting more awesome all the time, which is great. Harder in some ways and better in others. Nora got really good at grabbing toys this week. Put a toy near her and she is entertained for a few minutes grabbing it, sucking on […] Read more – ‘Twins at 16 weeks’.
15weeks-6 Twins at 15 weeks
nora rolled over this week! ben is now awesome at lifting his head at tummy time. for a while there he’d just bury his face in the blanket and try to eat it. and then yell when he got frustrated with his face being squished into the floor. both like to stand up when we […] Read more – ‘Twins at 15 weeks’.

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