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9 months

9 months

Ben and Nora are so fun right now. Their personalities are coming out more than ever. I’m going to split this post up into different categories, and maybe I’ll assume this format for all my monthly updates from here out. LEARNING/DEVELOPMENT This month was the first we’ve seen them really get separation anxiety. Over Christmas […] Read the rest…

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talinn-55 Talinn Estonia
We spent most of Thanksgiving day in Talinn Estonia, walking around Old Town in the most beautiful light snowfall. It was really magical. The Christmas market was up in the square and we bought christmas gifts for family and warm mittens and boots for the babies while we sipped glogg under the twinkle lights. We […] Read more – ‘Talinn Estonia’.
cesis-11 Cesis Castle
Cesis Castle was UNREAL. They gave us candle-lit lanterns and let us roam the castle on our own. It was so amazing! We climbed down this tiny ladder into the dungeon, and also climbed a dark spiraling stone staircase up to the top of the tower. There were parts where it was pitch dark except […] Read more – ‘Cesis Castle’.
turaida2-16 Turaida Castle
I was delighted when Kaylene told us we were going to spend a day exploring castles! First up was Turaida Castle, built in the 1200’s and reconstructed about 20 years ago. We pretty much had the place to ourselves since it’s the off season, and we had a great time walking the grounds checking out […] Read more – ‘Turaida Castle’.
latviaday1-54 A Baltic Thanksgiving!
We spent Thanksgiving this year in the Baltic states with Dave and Kaylene (aka President and Sister Harding). It was an incredible trip, so so good for my heart. Honestly, my only expectation going into the trip was spending time with Klane’s parents. I didn’t have any plans besides that, really. Kaylene was amazing and […] Read more – ‘A Baltic Thanksgiving!’.
I can’t believe our babies are already 8 months old! I feel like both Ben and Nora’s personalities grew SO much this month. Especially while we were in Latvia visiting Dave and Kaylene, we really saw the kids show so much more personality. We are starting to see more of their senses of humor. Ben […] Read more – ‘8 months’.

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