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Coming to terms with TWO!

Coming to terms with TWO!

I have been super overwhelmed lately. There are all these things I probably should be doing to prepare for the twins, but I am not. And then there are all the regular things I should be doing (my calling, cooking dinner, cleaning my house, washing my hair….) but I am not. For the first few […] Read the rest…

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genders One of each!
We went in for a little ultrasound at 16 weeks and 5 days, just a quick check. The full anatomy scan was scheduled for a couple weeks later. So we were both surprised when the ultrasound tech said, “So do you want to know the genders?” I told her I didn’t want to know if […] Read more – ‘One of each!’.
momdadvisit1 mom and dad come to visit
we had the best time. i really, really love my parents. i’m just gonna go with a list format for this one, because deal with it. - shopping! for maternity clothes! and other things! - les mis and a nice dinner out with alexa - walking in central park, visiting my office - running (!!!) […] Read more – ‘mom and dad come to visit’.
halloween7 Halloween 2014
Our stoop was decorated, I dressed up for work, and since it was on a Friday we had a combined Young Men/Young Women activity that night. A themed dinner at the Gillmore’s home and then we all went to see the Nightmare before Christmas in Times Square. The young men are hilarious and it was […] Read more – ‘Halloween 2014’.
babyannouncement The Big Announcement
We are pregnant! And we are having TWINS! It is completely crazy. We are so happy. And so overwhelmed. And so grateful for the love and support of family and friends that has been showered on us since this happy announcement and also in the years leading up to it. It’s been a bit of […] Read more – ‘The Big Announcement’.
jillvisit5 Jill and her mom come to visit
My bofm365 friend Jill came to visit with her mom! It was so fun to have them. I had to work or stay home and be sick some of the time and sent them off to explore on their own, but I was also able to go out and do some fun things with them. […] Read more – ‘Jill and her mom come to visit’.

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