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Camping in the Adirondacks

Camping in the Adirondacks

It makes me so happy that we have family within driving distance out here. We planned a camping trip halfway between here and Rochester and met Justin’s family in the Adirondacks. The drive was just over 3 hours for each of us, not bad at all! We camped two nights and had so much fun. […] Read the rest…

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Ben and Nora: 20 months
I’m mostly just copying and pasting my notes from my iPhone here. Anytime I think of something cute or unique they’re currently doing I write it in there. So here we are… 10/25 Nora has her Bears kiss each other N wakes up saying “happy happy happy” Ben’s latest thing is spitting his drink all […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora: 20 months’.
Let’s just say I’ve been dreaming about these Luke and Leia costumes pretty much since I found out I was having boy/girl twins. I came up with Klane’s and my costume ideas a month or so before Halloween. I spent weeks getting everything together and it all turned out even better than I always dreamed. […] Read more – ‘Halloween’.
October Recap
Bashful Ben at Adventure Playground. This will be their first album cover: Another Wednesday, another music class. We went to drop of library books and Klane was looking like a hot dad while waiting with the kids on the sidewalk. Another fun day at Adventure Playground. And later at the playground behind our building. Which, […] Read more – ‘October Recap’.
Girls Weekend in Topsail Beach
Alexa had a bridal shower in Topsail Beach, North Carolina, and I was so excited for the chance to get away for a girls weekend. I had a great time getting to know Alexa’s friends and family and made some great friends, and it was so sweet to celebrate Alexa and her upcoming marriage to […] Read more – ‘Girls Weekend in Topsail Beach’.
Ben and Nora: 18 months
Nora goes to the bookshelf and yells “DAAA!” For ‘go’ if she wants you to count to 3 and say go so she can run across the room. Ben says yes like “esh?” in this cute little way. Sometimes when I offer food Ben makes “mMm” high pitched noise like “yum, that looks tasty!” Haha […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora: 18 months’.

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