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all the feels

all the feels

I just put the babies down for a nap after doing a feeding solo. Klane’s at work and my parents went for a run, so I had them all to myself. After I fed them, I burped them both at the same time and they both fell sweetly asleep on my chest, little smiles playing […] Read the rest…

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getting to know ben and nora
We are loving getting to know these little people. They each have their own unique features and personalities. It is so fun to see how different they are! Now more than ever I hardly think of them as “twins” and think of them more as siblings born at the same time. It’s interesting, I always […] Read more – ‘getting to know ben and nora’.
Teeny tiny
I just always want to remember how small Ben and Nora were when they were newborns. Read more – ‘Teeny tiny’.
We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on April 28th. This one was more meaningful than any before it. Klane came home wearing a tie and holding flowers. We got all dressed up and left the kids at home with my mom so we could have a night on the town. We took a twilight walk […] Read more – ‘Eight Years’.
twinpregnancy-18 My twin pregnancy, week by week
in honor of my due date, i want to do one last pregnancy post! i loved being pregnant with the twins. it was so incredible to watch this miracle happen in my own body and to see it stretch and grow, to feel the babies move and hiccup, and to feel so connected to them […] Read more – ‘My twin pregnancy, week by week’.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Picnic under the blossoms
We took the babies for a picnic in the park and a walk to see the blossoms. It was the most beautiful, perfect day. Nora stretched out on the blanket and seemed to enjoy the fresh air. We had deli sandwiches and warm Levain cookies, and the babies had bottles. :) Ben and Nora were […] Read more – ‘Picnic under the blossoms’.

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