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Camping in the Adirondacks

Camping in the Adirondacks

It makes me so happy that we have family within driving distance out here. We planned a camping trip halfway between here and Rochester and met Justin’s family in the Adirondacks. The drive was just over 3 hours for each of us, not bad at all! We camped two nights and had so much fun. […] Read the rest…

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16m2-17 Ben and Nora: 16 months
I meant to do a 15 month update on the twins, but life has been pretty crazy with all our travels this summer, so a 16 month update will have to do! The kids really are still growing and learning new things so quickly, there is a big difference between each new month. So, a […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora: 16 months’.
Camping in Connecticut
It pays to have friends who leave the city to move to Connecticut. :) The Cedusky’s hosted “Camp Ceduskawa” and invited a bunch of friends to come camp in their back yard. Which happens to be huge and on a beautiful little lake and which made us question our life decisions and why we aren’t […] Read more – ‘Camping in Connecticut’.
June/July recap
In June and July we really started taking advantage of the splash pad and playgrounds more often and we even got a little inflatable pool to use on the patio. Lots of summer water play! She still needs help standing and sometimes uses Ben.         First time in a sand box! Playing […] Read more – ‘June/July recap’.
Hardings go Baltic: Windsor Castle layover
On our way home, we had an 8 hour layover in London, so we decided to make the most of it and go to Windsor Castle, since it wasn’t far from the airport. Of course we are cheap, so rather than take a taxi for 15 minutes we took a bus that took over an hour […] Read more – ‘Hardings go Baltic: Windsor Castle layover’.
Hardings go Baltic: Stockholm Day 2
A few photos from our walk around Gamla Stan on our first night in Stockholm. It was drizzly and chilly and moody and I loved it. After we explored Gamla Stan we found dinner at this yummy pizza place near the Airbnb. It was actually kind of hard to find a place to eat, a lot […] Read more – ‘Hardings go Baltic: Stockholm Day 2’.

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