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Ben and Nora: 16 months

Ben and Nora: 16 months

I meant to do a 15 month update on the twins, but life has been pretty crazy with all our travels this summer, so a 16 month update will have to do! The kids really are still growing and learning new things so quickly, there is a big difference between each new month. So, a […] Read the rest…

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westminster-11 Hardings go Baltic: London, UK
Our trip to Europe was incredible! We planned for over two years to do a big trip with everyone to visit mom and dad, and since we were across the pond we decided to hit a couple other countries as well. It was a wonderful, whirlwind trip. The best part was our time with Dave […] Read more – ‘Hardings go Baltic: London, UK’.
july42016-27 Fourth of July 2016
We had a fun Fourth of July weekend. On Saturday we went out to Brooklyn to check out the water playground at Pier 6. It was a nice outing and made me want to go down there more often, even though it’s an hour long trip. The playground was pretty crowded, but the kids had […] Read more – ‘Fourth of July 2016’.
hawaiip2-34 Hawaii 2016: part 2
Our car battery died this morning, so we missed breakfast at the Gazebo, but we did make it in time to see the beautiful views of the coast over there, so it was all good. :) Killing me with that flower behind her ear. Nora was LOVING Andrea at dinner. Gazing at her with the […] Read more – ‘Hawaii 2016: part 2’.
hawaiip1-30 Hawaii 2016! (part 1)
We had the best time in Hawaii with my family. I had been really anxious about the travel to get there, and the time difference with the twins at this age. I was pleasantly surprised, the travel really wasn’t that bad, and the trip was amazing and totally worth the long flights and missed sleep. […] Read more – ‘Hawaii 2016! (part 1)’.
IMG_5130 Father/Son and Mother/Daughter time
Klane took Ben on their first father/son camping trip, and while they were away Nora and I had a little girls night in. I painted her toenails and we watched a cute Tinkerbell movie (well, part of it). I think she really liked having 100% of my attention. And I really liked being able to […] Read more – ‘Father/Son and Mother/Daughter time’.

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