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Solid foods!

Solid foods!

When the babies turned 6 months old, we introduced them to solid food! I had mixed feelings about this milestone. I already felt like I spent so much of my time breastfeeding them (it takes more time since I mostly stopped tandem nursing them at about 4 months old when they got too big and […] Read the rest…

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Howwwwww on earth are my babies half a year old right now? It is blowing my mind. I can’t believe it! The last six months flew by. I can’t believe it’s General Conference again this weekend. Last General Conference we watched with mom and dad and five-day-old babies. The first six months just fly because […] Read more – ‘6 months old!’.
zoo-5 Day at the Zoo
We decided we needed to get out of the house for a “big” outing on Saturday. More for us than for the babies, really. I think it was good for me on many levels. Good to get out of our neighborhood and do something fun. Good to mess up the babies schedule for a day […] Read more – ‘Day at the Zoo’.
sept1915-16 babies at 5.5 months
Nora loves sitting in this chair and feeling the texture of the fabric. Anytime I start singing “Popcorn Popping” they perk up and watch happily. They love the hand motions. It’s a good cure for when they’re fussy! We have been going on the swings almost every day. Now that they only take three naps […] Read more – ‘babies at 5.5 months’.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Labor Day weekend + life update
We stuck around home for Labor Day weekend. Klane had Friday off so it was extra long, and it was SO nice to have him around. It’s great having an extra set of hands for the babies, and besides, I just really like Klane. :) We have been taking more walks around the neighborhood lately, […] Read more – ‘Labor Day weekend + life update’.
I have so many pictures of these babies. I don’t want them to just disappear so I am going to just post a bunch here so I can come back later and remember how cute they were at this age. :) Ben is getting better at holding his head up during tummy time now. We […] Read more – ‘The babies in August’.

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