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Ben and Nora: 1 year!

Ben and Nora: 1 year!

Ben and Nora are one year old! This month we have seen the biggest changes yet, the twins went from learning to crawl to pulling up on everything to stand. They seem a lot older now that they’re mobile! There were a lot of other changes too, detailed below… PLAY/DEVELOPMENT We took them to their […] Read the rest…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ben and Nora’s birthday
The twins birthday was the best day! We stayed up late the night before decorating the apartment with balloons and streamers, and went to bed so excited and hoping they would know it was a special day when they saw the decorations and presents. When Ben and Nora woke up in the morning and we […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora’s birthday’.
I only had a few goals for our Easter. Go to church (obviously). Dress the kids in matching outfits and take outdoor pictures. Have a nice Easter dinner. I ended up exceeding my own expectations by putting together a last minute Easter basket for the kids. I can’t believe I almost didn’t do this, because […] Read more – ‘Easter 2016’.
bachelorfinaleparty-7 “The Bachelor” finale party
Recently I’ve been watching The Bachelor with a group of friends. This is the kind of show that is best watched in a group so everyone can talk and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Marlene is amazing and she threw the most awesome party for the night of the finale. Everyone brought favorite […] Read more – ‘“The Bachelor” finale party’.
parkbackpacking-1 Backpacking the babes in Central Park
Took a Saturday outing to Central Park as a family. We decided to try out the hiking backpacks we got for the kids. They were great! We are hoping we have opportunities to use them a lot this summer! We walked down to a playground around 100th street on the West side. The kids took […] Read more – ‘Backpacking the babes in Central Park’.
alexapicnic72nd-1 Picnic with Alexa
The weather was gloriously warm this week. We met Alexa for a sunny picnic in short sleeves in the park around 72nd street. So nice to enjoy the sunshine and chat with a good friend. Nora ate dirt for the first time, which made us laugh. Alexa took pictures which I will always treasure. It’s […] Read more – ‘Picnic with Alexa’.

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