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Christmas Card photo shoot

Christmas Card photo shoot

I took the kids to Sheep Meadow in Central Park to get some photos of them for our Christmas card. Naturally, I couldn’t get ONE single photo of both of them looking, smiling, and standing next to each other. So we ended up going with more of a candid pose for the card, and it […] Read the rest…

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The First Snow!
On the morning of the first big snow of the season in New York City, Ben and Nora woke up and ran to the window to see the world turned white. They were so excited. We didn’t make it outside in time to play in the snow before it started raining and turned to slush. […] Read more – ‘The First Snow!’.
Ben and Nora: 20 months
I’m mostly just copying and pasting my notes from my iPhone here. Anytime I think of something cute or unique they’re currently doing I write it in there. So here we are… 10/25 Nora has her Bears kiss each other N wakes up saying “happy happy happy” Ben’s latest thing is spitting his drink all […] Read more – ‘Ben and Nora: 20 months’.
Thanksgiving in Rochester
My parents and Brandon flew out for Thanksgiving, so we drove up from the city to spend the weekend with family. It was such a nice, relaxing weekend. We hardly left the house and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Hanging out at the house, playing games, watching videos, going out to eat, […] Read more – ‘Thanksgiving in Rochester’.
November Fun
We took a few trips to Central Park to see and play in the changing leaves. November is one of my favorite times of year in New York City! Nora is very into fitting herself into small spaces lately. My thoughtful friend amanda had this ice cream shipped to us after we missed getting some […] Read more – ‘November Fun’.
My 30th Birthday
My 30th birthday turned out to be the best celebratory weekend! On Friday, my actual birthday, I took the kids to Central Park to feed the ducks and check out the leaves. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the leaves in the North Woods were incredible. It made me so happy. Later that afternoon we […] Read more – ‘My 30th Birthday’.

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