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The twins at two months!

The twins at two months!

I cannot believe the twins are already two months old! When I look at pictures of them as newborns it’s hard to believe I’m looking at the same babies. They have grown and changed so much in such a short amount of time. I kept them in their newborn sized clothes a few weeks too […] Read the rest…

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yinsiemom-13 Lynsie mom buddy!
Lynsie came to stay with us and help out with the babies for the week. It was SO much fun to have her. She was a huge help with juggling the babies every day, and even stayed up with them to bottle feed them one night so I could get some sleep (which was heavenly!). […] Read more – ‘Lynsie mom buddy!’.
shots-4 Shots
The babies had their 8 weeks checkup today – that means immunizations! The checkup went great, Ben and Nora are both growing on track and are healthy! Nora still has a slight bit of jaundice, but it’s fading. Ben has a little tongue tie that we are going to get fixed at the ENT specialist […] Read more – ‘Shots’.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA obligatory blog update ;)
I was thinking this morning about how I am so sick of feeling obligated to update my blog, and then I realized that I’ve been feeling this way for like four or five YEARS. Hahaha. That is ridiculous. I am amazed it has lasted so long. But it has because I love having a place […] Read more – ‘obligatory blog update ;)’.
memday-22 Memorial Day, Lindsay’s visit and more
I have a few best friends, and Lindsay Wolthuis is definitely one of them. We used to hang out every Monday when I was off work, we always saw each other at Young Womens where we served together, and our husbands became BFFs as well, serving in Young Mens together and doing Spartans and GoRucks […] Read more – ‘Memorial Day, Lindsay’s visit and more’.
personality5-1 getting to know ben and nora
We are loving getting to know these little people. They each have their own unique features and personalities. It is so fun to see how different they are! Now more than ever I hardly think of them as “twins” and think of them more as siblings born at the same time. It’s interesting, I always […] Read more – ‘getting to know ben and nora’.

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