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Ben and Nora: 22 Months

Ben and Nora: 22 Months

So first I will do a little recap of each kid and then I’ll copy and paste the little notes from my phone that I’ve taken the last two months about little things they’re doing. Nora: This girl is so full of personality. She cracks me up daily. She has been making the most hilarious […] Read the rest…

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Park days in January
We had a few unusually warm days in January so we went back to our favorite playground, Adventure, with friends! It was so nice to see some sunshine and not be freezing. Well, the second park day turned out to be freezing, but the first one was nice! Read more – ‘Park days in January’.
Museum Day with Dada
On MLK day we went to the Museum of Natural History. The kids love it there. We had a fun time! Of course we had to hit Shake Shack afterward. The kids love it there too! Read more – ‘Museum Day with Dada’.
Christmas Break in Utah
I am just going to warn you, I did not get great pictures this trip. I remember before I had kids, looking at beautiful pictures moms would take of their kids and thinking I would be the same way. I don’t know what has happened to me (maybe twins?) but I just don’t feel like […] Read more – ‘Christmas Break in Utah’.
Pre-Christmas morning
Santa came to the Harding home in New York a couple days early so the twins could have their own little Christmas morning at home and open their presents under our own little tree. It was really special to have our own holiday, just our family of four. Klane made homemade cinnamon rolls, which were […] Read more – ‘Pre-Christmas morning’.
Christmas Card photo shoot
I took the kids to Sheep Meadow in Central Park to get some photos of them for our Christmas card. Naturally, I couldn’t get ONE single photo of both of them looking, smiling, and standing next to each other. So we ended up going with more of a candid pose for the card, and it […] Read more – ‘Christmas Card photo shoot’.

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